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This study and resulting publication would not exist without the students of the Introduction to Women's Studies class of Fall 1999. It is important to note that many of the more recent stories were not a part of this study. The roles for women on campus have continued to expand. The first woman vice president was named in the 1980s and women currently hold two of the four vice presidencies at the college. There have been increased efforts to attract women to faculty and higher level administrative positions. It is the hope of the coordinators of this project that the stories of these women will be told in the next edition of this publication.

The help of other exceptional people on campus, as well as alumni, and current and retired faculty and professional staff, is gratefully acknowledged. The students and these people dedicated much time and energy to bringing this important and ambitious project to fruition, and we salute them. The Women of Fredonia have built a community in which women's voices, contributions, creativity, and intelligence are heard and treasured. The project does not end here; there is more work to be done. Future generations must tell their stories.

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