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Student Reaction to the Project

Below are statements from students from the Fall 1999 class, Introduction to Women's Studies, who worked so diligently to collect the history of the Women of Fredonia:

I had such a great time talking with the women I interviewed. This project on the history of the women at Fredonia has taken me on an amazing journey through the lives of remarkable women. Their inspiring stories have a profound effect on me. I became aware of the true power that many women have, and want to do some of the same things that these women have done with their lives, with my own. (Susan Voutsinas)

I loved talking to these women about their experiences. They were inspirational and made me look at issues from a different viewpoint. I think it is important to look back, and see the strong women who have paved the way for the rest of us. (Kimberly Lauta)

I feel that although the women's stories seem to depict different perspectives on issues, all the women were strong when dealing with obstacles. If I turn out to be half of what they are today, I will be a very proud woman. (Kitty Abels)

Fredonia has changed for women in countless ways over the years, thanks in large part to many of the women who were interviewed. Each small step has made a giant jump for all women. This fight for women's equality is never over. Each woman has the responsibility to her foremothers to continue the fight for women's rights. (Emily Palumbos)

What we found most discouraging about this era (the Post-War Years) is that many people still do not appreciate the tremendous contribution made by Fredonia secretaries in assisting students, promoting the school, and keeping things running smoothly. The stereotypical view of secretaries is ridiculous in its estimate of what a woman can do. (Jennifer Champ)

I hope this project happens at least every 25 years. I want to be a part of the next chapter. I look forward to sharing my experiences with others. I love seeing women working together, since society has so often pitted us against each other. (Megan Ferington)

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