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What Our Students Say About Us

Honors Program
Thompson Hall, E314
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3876


Julie Sticek
College of Arts and Science
Ph: 716-673-3174

Colloquium Students at Interview Face-Off

 Jeff Soper

(Music Education -- Malone, NY)

"I have enjoyed the Honors Program because of its role as an enhancement to the normal general education curriculum. I am able to take classes that go beyond what a normal classroom would provide, and I feel a sense of empowerment. The Honor Program has let me meet the interesting people and explore certain Areas of society and science that are not areas always attainable in the normal classroom. It turns lecture classes into interactive discussions, providing a medium for highly intellectual thought and debate."

Russ Leo
(English -- Rochester, NY)

"The Honors Program at Fredonia has given me the opportunity to work in disciplines other thanmy major and get much more out of my college experience. The courses are always interesting. Their wide variety and depth have certainly enriched my education here at Fredonia".

Lisa Carlson

Being a member of the Honors Program has been a wonderful experience for me at Fredonia. The classes often involve a great deal of open debate that creates an interesting and exciting atmosphere for learning. The courses also offer students an opportunity to learn about subjects that add variety to the required curriculum of their majors.

Austin DuBois

The classes are more interesting and enjoyable than regular classes because everyone wants to be there. You develop a certain comfort with the other students in the program, even during the first semester, and it just gets better as you go along.

Dara Zigrossi

I feel fortunate that I am a part of the Honors Program at SUNY Fredonia because it encourages us to examine ideas, question answers, look at something deeper than face value, and hear a variety of opinions and form your own. This type of educational experience sparks students' interests, produces a desire for exploration, and encourages a curiosity that will lead to true learning.

Image of students in Honors Program

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