Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Committee Memberships

Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Dr. Bill Boerner,
Chief Diversity Officer & Director
Fenton Hall Room 143
SUNY Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3358

Affirmative Action Committee | Council for Womens' Concerns | Coalition of Faculty & Staff of Color


Affirmative Action Committee

Member Length of Term Term to Expire Origin of Membership Constituency Telephone Number
          (716) 673-3358
Affirmative Action          
Fenton Hall Room 143          
Michael Daley         (716) 673-3434
Human Resources          
510 Maytum Hall           
Adam Hino
        (716) 673-3270
Disabled Student Services Coordinator          
Learning Center          
Reed Library, 4th floor           
Jellema Stewart
        (716) 673-3398
Multicultural Affairs          
E125 Thompson Hall           
Jennifer Hildebrand         (716) 673-3274 
Assistant Professor          
History Department          

E304 Thompson Hall

Suthakaran Veerasamy          (716) 673-3890
Assistant Professor          
Psychology Department          
W353 Thompson Hall           
Idalia Torres         (716) 673-3461 
Systems Administrator          
ITS-Computing Services          
116 Maytum Hall           
David White         (716)673-3318 
Educational Development Program          
E284 Thompson Hall           
Judy Langworthy         (716) 673-3109
Interim Associate VP Finance          
AOC 504           
Rachel Skemer         (716)673-3317
EDP Counselor          
Education Development Program           
E288 Thompson Hall           
Cheryl John         (716)673- 3170
Coordinator NAC          
Native American Consortium          
E116 Thompson Hall           
Vacant - CSEA          
Student member          
to be announced          

If interested in serving on committee, please email:

Saundra Liggins, Interim Director          
Student member          
to be announced          
If interested in serving on committee,          
please e-mail:          
Saundra Liggins, Interim Director          

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Coalition of Faculty & Staff of Color

Executive Board   Department Telephone E-mail
TBA Chairperson   x  
TBA  Co-Chairperson   x  
Loretta Slaton Torain Secretary/Treasurer Upward Bound Director (716)673-3521

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Council for Women's Concerns  (website)

Council Board   Department Telephone E-mail

 Tammy Bankoski

   Communication x3410

 Robyn Reger

   Administration x3109

 Amy Beers

   Internal Control/Administration x4925
 Xiaoning Chen    Language, Learning & Leadership x4655
 Teodora Cox    Mathematical Sciences x3871
 Gretchen Fronczak    Facilities Planning x3722
 Lauren Kicak    Graduate Studies & Research x3808
 Shari Miller    Purchasing

 Helen Myers    Theatre & Dance



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