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How good are we? SUNY Fredonia ranks 7th in the nation for graduation rates among public, comprehensive universities. Compare our graduation rates to Public Masters Level Institutions...

A Comparison of Four, Five and Six Year Graduation Rates
for Public Masters Level Institutions
Sorted by Four Year Rates, Data from the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey - AY 2004-05
Percentile RankRankInstitutionStateRegionGraduation Rates
Four YearFive YearSix Year
Masters GroupWeighted National Average
National Average

1.001SUNY COLLEGE AT GENESEONew York Mid-Atlantic68.1%79.0%80.3%
1.002MARY WASHINGTON COLLEGE Virginia South 65.3%73.2%74.3%
0.993THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 63.0%78.9%81.2%
0.994JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY Virginia South 61.6%78.6%80.0%
0.985CITADEL MILITARY COLLEGE OF SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina South 57.1%64.2%65.8%
0.986SALISBURY UNIVERSITY Maryland Mid-Atlantic 46.8%64.7%67.0%
0.987SUNY COLLEGE AT FREDONIA New York Mid-Atlantic 45.8%61.0%63.7%
0.978LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY Virginia South 44.6%61.7%63.7%
0.979NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 42.1%54.2%55.3%
0.9610SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 39.6%57.1%59.2%
0.9611PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY Kansas Mid-West 39.5%45.0%46.7%
0.9612TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 37.9%62.7%67.1%
0.9513WESTFIELD STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 37.6%51.1%53.1%
0.9514RADFORD UNIVERSITY Virginia South 37.5%54.2%56.5%
0.9515UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA-WILMINGTON North Carolina South 37.4%58.4%61.3%
0.9416ROWAN UNIVERSITY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 37.0%59.0%62.7%
0.9417COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON South Carolina South 36.8%54.3%57.4%
0.9318MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 36.1%53.0%57.3%
0.9319SUNY COLLEGE AT CORTLAND New York Mid-Atlantic 36.1%55.0%57.2%
0.9320MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 34.6%58.3%60.5%
0.9221SUNY COLLEGE AT ONEONTA New York Mid-Atlantic 34.3%47.9%49.8%
0.9222EASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Illinois Upper Midwest 34.1%57.3%62.2%
0.9123SUNY COLLEGE AT PLATTSBURGH New York Mid-Atlantic 34.1%53.1%55.7%
0.9124BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 33.8%59.5%62.1%
0.9125SUNY COLLEGE AT OSWEGO New York Mid-Atlantic 33.6%50.6%55.0%
0.9026TROY STATE UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS Alabama South 33.4%46.7%51.2%
0.9027SUNY COLLEGE AT PURCHASE New York Mid-Atlantic 32.7%40.8%42.4%
0.8928WINTHROP UNIVERSITY South Carolina South 31.6%51.8%56.7%
0.8929TOWSON UNIVERSITY Maryland Mid-Atlantic 29.8%54.7%60.3%
0.8930APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina South 29.7%55.3%60.1%
0.8831WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Washington West 29.6%58.7%65.4%
0.8832UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA Iowa Mid-West 29.5%60.2%64.2%
0.8833WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 29.1%55.2%59.2%
0.8734FRANCIS MARION UNIVERSITY South Carolina South 29.0%35.4%41.1%
0.8735WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Illinois Upper Midwest 28.8%50.6%54.3%
0.8636THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER Texas Southwest 28.1%38.5%43.8%
0.8637SUNY COLLEGE AT NEW PALTZ New York Mid-Atlantic 27.5%49.9%54.3%
0.8638WASHBURN UNIVERSITY OF TOPEKA Kansas Mid-West 27.5%56.1%65.1%
0.8539NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY North Carolina South 27.3%44.0%50.5%
0.8540WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 26.5%40.8%44.6%
0.8441SUNY COLLEGE AT BROCKPORT New York Mid-Atlantic 26.5%46.6%50.7%
0.8442UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS-DARTMOUTH Massachusetts New England 26.2%45.7%50.4%
0.8443UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-LA CROSSE Wisconsin Upper Midwest 25.9%54.5%61.7%
0.8344UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA Florida South 25.7%43.0%47.6%
0.8345WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY Minnesota Mid-West 25.5%45.6%50.6%
0.8246PLYMOUTH STATE UNIVERSITY New Hampshire New England 25.4%44.7%48.1%
0.8247ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY Mississippi South 25.3%39.1%42.7%
0.8248WAYNE STATE COLLEGE Nebraska Mid-West 25.3%43.7%46.4%
0.8149UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND-EASTERN SHORE Maryland Mid-Atlantic 24.9%39.2%42.4%
0.8150LINCOLN UNIVERSITY Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 24.9%37.9%44.4%
0.8051MANSFIELD UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 24.4%43.4%45.5%
0.8052CUNY BERNARD M BARUCH COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 24.4%46.5%53.0%
0.8053NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE AND STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 24.4%43.0%49.6%
0.7954UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT COLORADO SPRINGS Colorado Rocky Mountain 24.3%35.0%37.0%
0.7955CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Washington West 24.2%42.1%48.8%
0.7956SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 24.2%43.9%49.5%
0.7857BEMIDJI STATE UNIVERSITY Minnesota Mid-West 24.0%37.9%42.4%
0.7858UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-RIVER FALLS Wisconsin Upper Midwest 23.9%50.9%56.6%
0.7759MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN Mississippi South 23.7%34.8%36.9%
0.7760NORTH CAROLINA A &T STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina South 23.6%38.9%42.5%
0.7761WORCESTER STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 23.6%38.9%43.2%
0.7662FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY Kansas Mid-West 23.6%37.8%50.7%
0.7663CHADRON STATE COLLEGE Nebraska Mid-West 23.6%41.8%46.9%
0.7564SLIPPERY ROCK UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 23.6%45.4%49.6%
0.7565DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY Mississippi South 23.4%41.7%46.1%
0.7566KEENE STATE COLLEGE New Hampshire New England 23.1%48.9%54.1%
0.7467BRIDGEWATER STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 23.0%47.8%51.4%
0.7468MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 22.8%50.0%56.8%
0.7369WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY North Carolina South 22.7%42.2%46.0%
0.7370FRAMINGHAM STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 22.6%39.8%44.4%
0.7371CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 22.6%46.9%51.4%
0.7272SUNY COLLEGE AT POTSDAM New York Mid-Atlantic 22.2%38.1%42.7%
0.7273SOUTHWEST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 22.2%45.3%50.8%
0.7174VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY Virginia South 22.0%37.4%41.4%
0.7175NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 21.8%42.4%45.1%
0.7176CLARION UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 21.6%45.9%50.0%
0.7077CASTLETON STATE COLLEGE Vermont New England 21.6%38.9%40.4%
0.7078SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY California West 21.5%43.6%48.5%
0.7079UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHARLOTTE North Carolina South 21.5%41.2%46.6%
0.6980UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT PEMBROKE North Carolina South 21.3%37.1%41.4%
0.6981EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 21.3%46.0%51.1%
0.6882UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND-UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Maryland Mid-Atlantic 21.2%24.2%24.2%
0.6882TROY STATE UNIVERSITY DOTHAN Alabama South 21.2%21.2%21.2%
0.6884THE UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORIDA Florida South 21.0%36.6%41.3%
0.6785CUNY QUEENS COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 20.7%44.6%51.0%
0.6786UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA-DULUTH Minnesota Mid-West 20.7%40.8%45.8%
0.6687UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STEVENS POINT Wisconsin Upper Midwest 20.6%51.3%57.9%
0.6688DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY Delaware Mid-Atlantic 20.4%30.1%34.6%
0.6689UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT KEARNEY Nebraska Mid-West 20.0%46.5%55.2%
0.6590CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 20.0%41.5%46.5%
0.6591KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 19.9%46.5%50.2%
0.6492EASTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Connecticut New England 19.9%37.3%40.6%
0.6493LOCK HAVEN UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 19.8%45.0%48.6%
0.6494TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI Texas Southwest 19.5%38.5%44.4%
0.6395SOUTHERN ARKANSAS UNIVERSITY MAIN CAMPUS Arkansas South 19.5%36.9%37.3%
0.6396FROSTBURG STATE UNIVERSITY Maryland Mid-Atlantic 19.4%43.1%48.8%
0.6397EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY Kansas Mid-West 19.4%37.5%43.6%
0.6298CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-STANISLAUS California West 18.9%38.7%45.5%
0.6299GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 18.9%42.1%49.8%
0.61100LANDER UNIVERSITY South Carolina South 18.9%35.0%42.8%
0.61101UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER Wisconsin Upper Midwest 18.6%45.2%53.2%
0.61102METROPOLITAN STATE UNIVERSITY Minnesota Mid-West 18.5%33.3%33.3%
0.60103SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY Oregon West 18.5%31.9%35.8%
0.60104SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY-EDWARDSVILLE Illinois Upper Midwest 18.3%37.2%42.8%
0.59105NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY South Dakota Mid-West 18.2%41.6%46.6%
0.59106EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Washington West 18.1%42.8%42.9%
0.59107SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY Utah Rocky Mountain 18.1%27.2%33.7%
0.58108MINNESOTA STATE UNVERSITY-MANKATO Minnesota Mid-West 18.1%41.4%48.1%
0.58109THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE-MARTIN Tennessee South 18.0%33.8%40.1%
0.57110CUNY BROOKLYN COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 17.9%36.6%43.5%
0.57111EDINBORO UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 17.8%40.3%48.3%
0.57112JOHNSON STATE COLLEGEVermont New England 17.8%33.6%36.3%
0.56113UNIVERSITY OF GUAMGuam917.7%26.7%28.7%
0.56114TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN MARCOS Texas Southwest 17.7%41.1%48.5%
0.55115UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO Alabama South 17.4%38.6%43.2%
0.55117ADAMS STATE COLLEGE Colorado Rocky Mountain 17.4%29.1%32.3%
0.54118WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY Utah Rocky Mountain 17.1%34.3%44.2%
0.54119THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS OF THE PERMIAN BASIN Texas Southwest 17.0%26.8%31.3%
0.54120GEORGIA COLLEGE AND STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 16.9%31.7%36.7%
0.53121TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 16.9%35.5%41.5%
0.53122LAMAR UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 16.8%27.8%31.5%
0.52123ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 16.6%31.0%34.8%
0.52124WESTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY Oregon West 16.6%39.1%42.9%
0.52125STEPHEN F AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 16.5%30.5%34.7%
0.51126UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY Wisconsin Upper Midwest 16.4%41.9%45.5%
0.50128CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-CHICO California West 16.2%41.9%51.0%
0.50129FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 16.1%42.3%47.1%
0.50130SOUTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 15.9%29.4%35.3%
0.49131UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS Arkansas South 15.8%32.1%37.4%
0.49132WEST TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 15.8%29.9%35.6%
0.48133ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS Arkansas South 15.8%31.0%35.6%
0.48134UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-EAU CLAIRE Wisconsin Upper Midwest 15.7%49.8%57.4%
0.48135UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-STOUT Wisconsin Upper Midwest 15.7%41.3%47.6%
0.47136SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 15.5%34.7%40.1%
0.47137MOREHEAD STATE UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 15.5%33.0%38.4%
0.46138KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 15.0%25.6%32.6%
0.46139JACKSONVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY Alabama South 14.9%28.9%36.0%
0.46140LAKE SUPERIOR STATE UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 14.9%31.3%37.0%
0.45141THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE-CHATTANOOGA Tennessee South 14.7%22.4%23.8%
0.45142UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-SUPERIOR Wisconsin Upper Midwest 14.6%26.9%34.3%
0.45143MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Maryland Mid-Atlantic 14.6%32.2%39.4%
0.44144YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY Ohio Upper Midwest 14.5%30.4%37.3%
0.44145EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 14.5%29.0%32.9%
0.43146CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-HAYWARD California West 14.5%31.6%40.6%
0.43147RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE Rhode Island New England 14.4%33.9%42.6%
0.43148UNIVERSITY OF WEST ALABAMA Alabama South 14.4%26.7%30.8%
0.42149WESTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Connecticut New England 14.4%28.4%31.2%
0.42150UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA Alabama South 14.3%31.0%36.7%
0.41151SUNY COLLEGE AT BUFFALO New York Mid-Atlantic 14.1%35.0%40.0%
0.41152MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 14.1%28.0%32.0%
0.41153MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY-MOORHEAD Minnesota Mid-West 13.9%35.4%41.2%
0.40154EASTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY Oregon West 13.9%28.4%32.5%
0.40155KEAN UNIVERSITY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 13.7%37.8%45.2%
0.39156CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-FRESNO California West 13.7%34.6%45.8%
0.39157SAINT CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY Minnesota Mid-West 13.7%34.4%42.8%
0.39158MARSHALL UNIVERSITY West Virginia South 13.6%32.2%38.6%
0.38159FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY Florida South 13.6%34.8%37.4%
0.38160TEXAS A & M INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 13.4%26.7%36.2%
0.38161UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-DEARBORN Michigan Upper Midwest 13.4%38.9%49.7%
0.37162UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-OSHKOSH Wisconsin Upper Midwest 13.3%37.4%45.7%
0.37163UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN INDIANA Indiana Upper Midwest 13.2%27.1%31.6%
0.36164COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY-PUEBLO Colorado Rocky Mountain 13.1%24.1%29.0%
0.36165SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Connecticut New England 13.0%30.5%36.9%
0.36166MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY-NORTHERN Montana Rocky Mountain 13.0%25.9%28.5%
0.35167ARKANSAS TECH UNIVERSITY Arkansas South 12.9%30.9%36.6%
0.35168LINCOLN UNIVERSITY Missouri Mid-West 12.8%25.9%31.4%
0.34169WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 12.8%41.0%48.4%
0.34170CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-FULLERTON California West 12.8%37.6%49.5%
0.34171GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 12.7%24.2%32.0%
0.33172SUNY EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 12.6%15.7%18.1%
0.33173NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA Louisiana South 12.5%26.5%31.1%
0.32174UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT MONROE Louisiana South 12.4%22.5%27.3%
0.32175CENTRAL CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Connecticut New England 12.4%35.5%43.4%
0.32176VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 12.2%31.9%38.2%
0.31177CUNY COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND New York Mid-Atlantic 12.1%30.6%36.4%
0.31178NORTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 12.1%21.7%26.6%
0.30179UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-PLATTEVILLE Wisconsin Upper Midwest 12.0%40.5%50.9%
0.30180FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY North Carolina South 11.9%28.3%34.7%
0.30181TENNESSEE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Tennessee South 11.9%34.8%45.3%
0.29182SOUTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 11.8%25.7%31.5%
0.29183BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITY Maryland Mid-Atlantic 11.7%28.7%36.4%
0.29184NORTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 11.7%25.1%29.9%
0.28185HENDERSON STATE UNIVERSITY Arkansas South 11.6%21.4%27.9%
0.28186CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN BERNARDINO California West 11.6%29.8%41.5%
0.27187UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA Oklahoma Southwest 11.6%27.6%33.7%
0.27188GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY Georgia South 11.6%31.7%37.8%
0.27189CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-BAKERSFIELD California West 11.5%27.4%37.6%
0.26190LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY-SHREVEPORT Louisiana South 11.4%13.3%13.3%
0.26191SALEM STATE COLLEGE Massachusetts New England 11.3%35.9%42.4%
0.25192NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 11.2%29.6%40.5%
0.25193PRAIRIE VIEW A & M UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 11.0%28.2%34.6%
0.25194CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN MARCOS California West 10.8%33.3%40.4%
0.24195CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-LONG BEACH California West 10.7%34.3%46.5%
0.24196MCNEESE STATE UNIVERSITY Louisiana South 10.7%23.5%29.4%
0.23197UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-PARKSIDE Wisconsin Upper Midwest 10.5%23.3%29.4%
0.23198EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 10.4%30.0%41.0%
0.23199PERU STATE COLLEGE Nebraska Mid-West 10.3%22.5%39.9%
0.22200FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 10.1%30.7%34.7%
0.22201STATE UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA Georgia South 9.9%24.2%29.9%
0.21202UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-FLINT Michigan Upper Midwest 9.8%28.1%37.4%
0.21203CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic 9.8%26.8%31.9%
0.21204HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY California West 9.7%29.5%40.6%
0.20205MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY-BILLINGS Montana Rocky Mountain 9.6%20.4%23.7%
0.20206NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY Virginia South 9.5%22.2%27.1%
0.20207COLUMBUS STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 9.4%21.6%27.1%
0.19209NICHOLLS STATE UNIVERSITY Louisiana South 9.4%21.7%26.6%
0.18210UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT OMAHA Nebraska Mid-West 9.3%27.4%37.2%
0.18211FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 9.3%21.3%30.2%
0.18212CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-SACRAMENTO California West 9.3%26.5%39.7%
0.17213GRAMBLING STATE UNIVERSITY Louisiana South 9.3%28.5%37.7%
0.17214AUSTIN PEAY STATE UNIVERSITY Tennessee South 9.1%21.5%27.6%
0.16215CUNY HUNTER COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 9.1%25.2%31.9%
0.16216EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Kentucky South 9.0%23.5%28.9%
0.16217NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS UNIVERSITY New Mexico Southwest 8.8%21.6%24.1%
0.15218BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Idaho Rocky Mountain 8.7%20.3%24.2%
0.15219MINOT STATE UNIVERSITY North Dakota Mid-West 8.6%25.3%31.8%
0.14220UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MAINE Maine New England 8.6%24.5%29.5%
0.14221EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS New Mexico Southwest 8.6%24.9%32.0%
0.14222UNIVERSITY OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS Virgin Islands 8.4%19.6%26.6%
0.13223SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY Texas Southwest 8.3%14.6%17.8%
0.13224CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-LOS ANGELES California West 8.2%25.7%34.3%
0.13225CAMERON UNIVERSITY Oklahoma Southwest 8.1%17.1%20.8%
0.12226UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGE Alaska West 7.9%15.5%20.3%
0.12227SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY California West 7.4%26.7%40.3%
0.11228THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO Texas Southwest 7.4%21.4%29.1%
0.11229NEW JERSEY CITY UNIVERSITY New Jersey Mid-Atlantic 7.3%29.5%37.3%
0.11230INDIANA UNIVERSITY-NORTHWEST Indiana Upper Midwest 7.2%19.2%23.6%
0.10231SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 7.2%20.2%30.5%
0.10232ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 7.1%28.6%39.5%
0.09233SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY California West 7.1%25.0%38.1%
0.09234COPPIN STATE COLLEGE Maryland Mid-Atlantic 7.0%18.6%26.0%
0.09235CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-NORTHRIDGE California West 6.8%24.6%36.3%
0.08236KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 6.7%23.8%31.5%
0.08237SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AND A & M COLLEGE Louisiana South 6.6%18.4%26.6%
0.07238SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY Michigan Upper Midwest 6.6%25.1%35.1%
0.07239UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO-MAYAGUEZ Puerto Rico 96.5%30.8%49.6%
0.07240SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY Louisiana South 6.1%18.5%25.3%
0.06241INDIANA UNIVERSITY-SOUTH BEND Indiana Upper Midwest 4.9%16.1%21.2%
0.06242CUNY LEHMAN COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 4.8%29.1%35.3%
0.05243ARMSTRONG ATLANTIC STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 4.7%13.5%18.2%
0.05245UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA SOUTHEAST Alaska West 4.5%6.0%7.5%
0.04246WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY New Mexico Southwest 4.0%9.2%15.2%
0.04247INDIANA UNIVERSITY-SOUTHEAST Indiana Upper Midwest 3.9%19.3%26.1%
0.04248PURDUE UNIVERSITY-CALUMET CAMPUS Indiana Upper Midwest 3.6%14.5%22.1%
0.03249CUNY CITY COLLEGE New York Mid-Atlantic 3.4%20.5%30.7%
0.03250INDIANA UNIVERSITY-PURDUE UNIVERSITY-FORT WAYNE Indiana Upper Midwest 3.2%13.7%19.3%
0.02251AUGUSTA STATE UNIVERSITY Georgia South 2.7%11.6%18.7%
0.02252SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AT NEW ORLEANS Louisiana South 2.3%8.5%11.7%
0.02253CHICAGO STATE UNIVERSITY Illinois Upper Midwest 1.7%9.0%13.6%
0.01254NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Illinois Upper Midwest 1.6%7.9%15.2%
0.01255TROY STATE UNIVERSITY-MONTGOMERY Alabama South 1.0%7.2%8.2%
0.00256UNIVERSITY OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA District of ColumbiaMid-Atlantic 0.0%2.4%10.7%
0.00256THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN Texas Southwest 0.0%0.0%26.7%

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