Course Evaluations Administered Online

All academic departments have the opportunity to administer course evaluations online through the Digital Measures platform. The Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment (IRPA) will coordinate the facilitation of the course evaluations for all departments.

Spring 2014 End of Term Course Evaluation Administration Periods

  • Monday, April 28 at Noon - Sunday, May 11 at Midnight (day before finals): Course evaluations are available online for students.
  • Tuesday, May 27: Faculty will receive emails and can access their course evaluation results in Digital Measures.

Access to Digital Measures

Department/Faculty FAQs

Student FAQs

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Department/Faculty FAQs
Which courses will be included in the online administration of course evaluations?
All 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-credit courses that require instruction (no internships, student teaching, study abroad, practicum, research, or thesis courses) with an enrollment of 5 or greater will be included by default.

Where can I view the instrument?
Click on the link on the right navigation bar entitled "Course Evaluation Instrument." These items have been approved by the Academic Affairs Committee of the University Senate as well as the Online Learning Advisory Committee. The items cannot be modified and suggestions regarding the instrument should be sent to the Academic Affairs Committee.

How can I add instructor-specific questions?
Faculty have two options for adding up to seven instructor-specific questions to the evaluations for their courses: 1) Faculty can add questions from the provided list of ten (see the list under "Resources" on the right navigation bar in the upper right corner of this page), and/or 2) Faculty can choose from provided answer sets/scales or text fields and write their own questions. Both of these options are available through the "Manage Questions" tool in Digital Measures during a one-week window prior to the start of the course evaluation period in fall and spring semesters. Faculty will receive an email from IRPA when the "Manage Questions" functionality is open and available to them. Instructions for adding questions are available on the right navigation bar in the upper right corner of this page. IRPA cannot review questions added by faculty. As such, faculty should ensure that any questions they add are not redundant with any department-specific questions that may also be included on the evaluations for their courses.

How can my department add department-specific questions?
Departments that choose to administer their evaluations online using Digital Measures have the option to add a set of questions to the evaluations for all courses in their department. These questions have to be submitted to Digital Measures weeks in advance of the course evaluation period. IRPA will collect the department-specific questions (if using) from each department and submit them to Digital Measures. The deadline for department-specific questions to be submitted to IRPA will be published in the timeline for each semester's administration. Due to the short turn-around time for J-term and summer sessions, departments will not be able to add new department-specific questions for those terms. Additionally, the number of questions submitted should be five questions or fewer. See the "Question-Writing Guidelines" document on the right navigation bar for things to consider when writing survey/evaluation questions.

When are the course evaluations administered online?
Fall and Spring Semesters: The course evaluation period takes place during the last two weeks of class. See the current semester's timelines for specific dates.

J-Term and Summer Sessions: The course evaluation period takes place approximately the last week of the term. While this is proportionately a longer time frame than in the regular semester, it is needed in order to give students adequate time to complete the evaluation.

How do students access the course evaluations?
Students receive email invitations to complete the online course evaluations. The emails are sent through the Digital Measures platform, but are from the SUNY Fredonia Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment office. The email invitations provide students with the link at which they need to log in to the Digital Measures platform. We strongly recommend that faculty make class announcements about the availability of the course evaluations and encourage participation. See Digital Measures' tips for increasing response rates by clicking on the appropriate link on the right navigation bar.

When and how do I access my results?
Course evaluation results are available after the deadline for submitting grades. At that time faculty will receive an email from IRPA through Digital Measures letting them know that their data is available to them. See the "Instructions for Accessing Data in Digital Measures" document on the right navigation bar for step-by-step instructions for creating reports.

How does the department receive a summary report?
Department chairs will have an additional "role" in the Digital Measures platform that will enable them to view course evaluation data as well as to create an aggregate report for the department using the step-by-step report creation platform.

Student FAQs
Why do I have to log in using my e-services username and password?
The information students enter to access the Digital Measures platform is used to determine the courses for which students should complete evaluations. Prior to the evaluation period IRPA has submitted course, instructor, and student rosters to Digital Measures that enable their platform to identify which students are in which courses. Entering the e-services ID is the variable needed to ensure students have access to the evaluations for the correct courses.

I received a reminder email indicating that I have not yet completed my course evaluation(s). How does the system know this if my responses are anonymous?
The Digital Measures platform is able to determine which students have completed their evaluation without knowing specifically how they answered the questions. As such, the students that have not completed the evaluations receive the reminder emails.

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