Week Ending 10/19/07
Proj No Project Name Project Budget Architect/Contractor Status  
* 05257 Rehab Rockefeller Arts Center $5,478,000 Hamilton Houston Lownie/  BRD Construction The stairs east of the elevator override have been removed and new ones have been installed, along with all required handrails. Electrical work in King Concert Hall is 99% complete. Installation of emergency generator is 99% complete. Hamilton Houston Lownie, along with the site rep will begin preparation for punch list. 
* 05268 Williams Ctr Skylight & Terrazzo Fl Replacement $700K Foit-Albert Facilities Planning conducted a meeting with Foit Albert and the campus design team to review design issues. Foit Albert has been instructed to review flooring material for the presentation at the next meeting. 
05269 Site/Infrastructure Renovations Phase I (Fields and Post-Construction Runoff) $2.849M Clough Harbour/Clark Company Clough Harbour Associates and FP met with the landscape contractor to review issues related to the retention basis.  Clough Harbour will direct the contractor in corrective actions and will inform FP of the scope of work. 
05269 Site/Infrastructure Phase IA Synthetic Turf Field Bleacher $140K Clough Harbour/Dant Clayton Dant Clayton Corp. has submitted shop drawings and color selections. Facilities Planning has sent shop drawings to Clough Harbour for review and approval. Color selections will be the same as the existing bleachers at the natural grass field.
05279 Mason Addition to Rooms 1051 & 1053 $ 2M Foit-Albert Associates/TBD Foit Albert will produce two options for the addition to rms. 1051 & 1053 along with cost estimates. These options will be reviewed by President Hefner, Tracy Bennett and the School of Music, to determine which direction and scope of work the campus will move forward with.
* 05284 Reed Library Classroom Air Conditioning $200K M/E Engineering This project has been postponed.
* 05286 Campus Storage Facility $600K  Habiterra/Concept Construction Work on footings and foundations are underway. Installation of conduit related to the re-routing of existing electrical lines is underway. Pre-fab building has been ordered and is scheduled to arrive within 3 to 4 weeks. 
* 05289 Campus-Wide Gas Line $1.876M Labella Assoc./NLM All gas lines are installed and complete. Contractor is continuing with fabricating screen walls and grading restoration. Sidewalk restoration is 100% complete. 
* 05290 Maytum Hall Satellite Boiler $2.463M M/E Engineering/MOP Plumbing Trailers, fencing, and concrete barriers have been removed from the pit. Working on punch list items and final adjustments of system. Pavement restoration is scheduled to take place at the end of October.
* 05294 Technology Incubator 4.7M JOCK Architects/Wendel Duchscherer Wendel Duchscherer is in the process of reviewing deed information related to the property. There are discrepancies within a 30 foot span between the proposed building location and railway right-a-way. Wendel has informed Facilities Planning that a sustainable performance consultant has been selected to work on NYSERDA incentives. Fac. Plan. will schedule a meeting with the consultant firm to begin the process for NYSERDA incentives. 
* 05287PH.I   05303PH.2 Campus-Wide Satellite Boiler $2,652K Bergmann Assoc./DV Brown Phase I: Disney/Eisenhower, Kasling/Grissom and Gregory:  Heating systems are operational. Contractor is working on the installation of the boiler system in LoGrasso Hall. Coordinating for work in Erie Hall starting Dec. 1st.   Dods/Steele - Boilers are in place; awaiting next phase of materials.               Phase II: A meeting was held in Fac. Plan. with SUCF, Bergmann Associates & the campus project team to review 90% drawings.  
05820 Rehabilitate Maytum Hall $1.2M M&E Engineering SUCF conducted an orientation meeting on 6/26 with FP, FM and M/E.  M/E is to submit a schedule to the Construction Fund for completion of project. 
05822 Science Technology Building TBD Burt Hill SUCF has requested a meeting for 10/9 or 10/10 to review the programming process with Burt Hill.
* I03101 Fenton Hall ADA Toilet Room Installation $30K Kideney / Union Builders / BECC / MLP / Tiede Zoeller Electrical work complete; plumbing fixture installation underway; toilet partitions to be installed 10/23/07; restroom scheduled to open 10/25/07.
* I03301 Fenton Hall President's Office Suite Improv. TBD In-house / Union Builders / Hillside Painting / BECC Electric / Corporate Floors / Millington Lockwood / Forest Materials Carpet installation complete; waiting area furniture delivered; working to correct issue with millwork. 
I03604 Rockefeller Arts Center Classroom A/C $65K IBC Engineering/MLP Plumbing 95% complete.
* I03804 RAC - Marvel Orchestra Pit 2nd Exit $8K Industrial Welding/ Door Specialties  Installation of steel platform and stairs is complete; painting of new steel underway; exit sign installation complete.
I04104 RAC - New Faculty Office $6.5K In-House / Union Builders Project is 95% complete; window blinds installed; waiting for installation of heating valance. 
TBD RAC - Faculty office renovations TBD In-house Working to setup meeting with Fac Planning to review proposed locations.
I04305 Maytum Exterior Waterproofing $100K Architectural Resources / RE Krug Corp All failed glazing units have been replaced; obtaining quotes to wet seal window frame system along corridors.
I04405 Computer Ctr-Electrical Service Upgrade $45K M/E Engineering 95% complete.
* I04606 University Police - New Shower $4K In-House Plaster sampling underway.
* I04706 University Police - New Office  $4K In-House/Mader Project is 95% complete.
* I04805 Maytum Temporary Emergency Generator TBD O'Connell Electric 50% complete
I05205 Maytum Hall-Replace Electrical Feeders TBD RAM Tech In Design. 
I05305 Computer Center - Replace Air Conditioning TBD Trautman Associates In Design.
I05913 McEwen 201 - Smart Classroom $1.8K In-House Project is 75% complete; working to resolve control hardware issue.
I06416 Dods Hall Dance Studio Improvements $300K Trautman/Danforth (A/C Bid)  95% complete.
I06516 Habiterra- Allgaier Const (G.C. Bid) Existing folding partition to be removed during October break.
* I07414 Jewett Hall Lecture Hall 101 Rehab TBD Erdman Anthony/ Flynn Battaglia/ Angevine Acoustical Consultants Meeting held on 10/11/07 with campus team and consultant to review existing conditions; sound testing completed.
I00418 LoGrasso Hall - New Counselor Office $6,500 In-house/Mader/BECC Project is 99% complete, working to resolve sound acoustic issue.
I07514 Jewett Hall HVAC Rehab TBD Vecchio Brothers 90% complete.
I09528 Services Complex Carpenter Shop Safety Imp $15K In-House New project established to relocate equipment in carpenter shop to provide safer work conditions.
No # Williams Center - Office of Lifelong Learning TBD Millington Lockwood / Swan Painting  Office painting complete; furniture moved 08/29/07; Millington Lockwood to submit cost proposal for additional furniture and modular divider wall. 
TBD Williams Center - Ticket Office Improvements TBD In-House Met with Jefferson Westwood on 08/31/07 to further review the design.
I12361 Thompson Hall ADA Toilet Room Installation $20K Mader Const/Ahlstrom Schaeffer/BECC/Gugino Plumbing/Pucci's/ Hillside Painting New restroom open for use; Pucci's working to complete tile base installation.
I12461 Thompson Lecture Hall W101 Ramp/Doors $20K Kelley Brothers/ Door                Specialties/  Industrial Welding Working to schedule Industrial Welding to install new ramp during October break.  
* I12561 Thompson Hall - Grants/Research Offices $40K Block Services/BECC Elec./Swan Painting New furniture to arrive late October; working to setup installation date.
I12861 Thompson Hall - SoB Conf Room W301 TBD In-house Carpet installed; conference room in use; waiting for door for the new office. 
* M05325 Thompson Hall Ext Brick Repairs $50K C&S Engineers/Morris Masonry/ Paradis Fence Partial repointing complete; working to setup installation of new gates at daycare play yard. 
M05331 Jewett Hall Interior Door Replacement $10K In-House New prefinished wood grain steel door installation in progress at stairwells.
M05336 Exterior & Interior Door Replacements $45K In-House Obtaining quotes for the replacement doors at the center entrance to Fenton Hall. 
* M05337 Academic Painting - Various Areas $31K Swan Painting/ Hillside Painting Painting of exterior window sills at Old Mason is underway.
M05350 Inspect High Voltage Switchgear 2007 TBD O'Connell Electric Infrared inspection complete.
M05352 Various Buildings-Steam Trap Replacement TBD In-house New Project
TBD Presidents Residence Window Replacement $80K Habiterra Project on hold.
* M05354 Presidents Residence Roof Replacement $50K Flynn Battaglia Architects P.O. to be issued to consultant for construction bid document development. 
TBD Presidents Residence New Patio $10K Northland Contracting Concrete patio installed 7/6/07; AJ's Lawn Care to perform restoration at backyard starting 7/16/07.
M05356 Computer Center-Install Supplemental A/C TBD In-House New Project
* 05927 Maytum Hall Card Access System $200K TBD Meeting held on 10/15/07 with campus team; working to setup meeting with consultants on 10/24/07 for a walk thru. 
* TBD Campus & Community Children's Ctr $4.6M Flynn Battaglia Flynn Battaglia Architects has submitted to Facilities Planning their cost proposal for design services. Facilities Planning is in the process of reviewing and has also requested additional information from Flynn Battaglia before the final acceptance of proposal. 
D059DD Residence Hall Door Replacement $ 140K In-House Req issued to Kelly Brothers to install new doors/hardware at the Gregory Hall Penthouse kitchens and closets.
D059DR Andrews Complex Masonry Repairs $30K C & S Engineers / Allgaier Caulking along new concrete stairs complete; minor punch list items remain.
D059DS Residence Hall Ceiling Replacement $ 40K In-House See project I04508.
D059DT Andrews /Kirkland  Landscaping Improvement $ 15K In-House Design for front entrance to Igoe, Schultz, Hemingway and Hendrix Halls reviewed and approved by Env. Adv. Comm., Res. Life, VP Bennett & Pres. Hefner
D059DU Student Room Door Replacement $ 30K In-House ASI Signs has finalized the sign drawings and schedule for McGinnies; p.o. issued; sign fabrication to commence soon; installation of new signs to occur during Fall break or Thanksgiving break. 
D059DV Res. Hall Floor. / Stairwell Improvement $ 30K In-House Installation of stair tread at Alumni Hall center stairwell complete; flooring replacement at the 1st floor lobby kitchenette areas at Grissom and Kasling in progress.
* D059EE Chautauqua Hall Lobby Improvements (Carpentry I06719/Electrical I06619) $150K Kideney/ IBC Engineering/ Allgaier Constr / Advanced Power & Light Meeting held on 10/16/07 with contractor and consultant to finalize punch list. 
D059EF McGinnies Hall Fire Alarm and Electrical Upgrade $300K Wendel Duchscherer/ Tunney Electric This project has been postponed until summer 2008 or 2009.
* TBD Nixon Hall Lobby Improvements (Carpentry I07720/Electrical I07820) $150K Kideney Request for project funding to be submitted; meeting held with consultant on 10/16/07 to review existing conditions; developing plan for wheelchair lift.
* I00531 Andrews Complex Chiller Replacement   TBD Out for bid.
* I04207 Alumni Hall Custodial Office Suite Improve. $20K Union Builders /BECC Elec./ Fredonia Glass/ H&K Services/ Northland Contracting/ In-House Meeting held on 10/16/07 with Millington Lockwood to select furniture finished; installation of new walls at Reporting Room is underway; installation of new exterior entrance door and concrete stairs underway.
I04407 Chautauqua Hall Student Room Door Replacement TBD TBD Project postponed until 2009 or 2010.
I04407 Alumni Hall Interior Renovations $150K Harrington Sandberg  P.O. to be issued to consultant for same scope of work at McGinnies.
* I04508 McGinnies Hall Interior Renovations $150K Harrington Sandberg / Allgaier Construction Review of submittals complete.
* I04608 McGinnies Hall - EH&S Office Suite TBD In-House/ Mader / H&K Services/ Northland Contracting/Fredonia Glass Installation of new walls is 80% complete; installation of new exterior entrance door and concrete stairs underway.
TBD McGinnies Hall-Dumpster Enclosure TBD Habiterra Review of location and design with Res. Life. Env.Adv. Comm. VP Bennett approved; consultant preparing construction drawings.
I107620 Nixon Hall Basement Truss Repair TBD Toleman P.O. to be issued to Industrial Welding to reinforce selected SJ trusses in basement under the bathrooms.
I144VB Residence Hall Interior Painting $ 40K Hillside Painting / Swan Painting / Anderson Painting / E&M Star Painting Summer 2007 work complete. 
TBD Gregory Hall Fire Alarm Upgrade TBD TBD SUNY Fredonia has instructed DASNY to postpone project until Summer of 2008.
TBD Gregory Hall Exit Stairwell Structural Review TBD TBD FP is waiting for DASNY to review engineering proposals for geotechnical survey.
TBD Kirkland Window Project $6M Flynn Battaglia Flynn Battaglia Architects has submitted a draft of the concept report.  This report was reviewed by FP and copies were given to VP for Admin. and Director of Residence Life.
TBD UC Heat Recovery Unit Modifications TBD TBD New Project
D059EH Nixon Hall Rehab Bathrooms, Load Dock $700K Wendel Duchscherer Facilities Planning conducted a meeting with Wendel Duchscherer and Facilities Management to review bathroom layouts and ADA bathroom layout, along with the reconfiguration of loading dock area. 
I149VB Dods/Services TBD TBD In Design.
I240ST Clock Tower-Level Pavers $30K Habiterra/H&K Services Complete; pending payment of retainage in the Spring.   
I241ST General Asphalt 2007 $50K H Olson and Sons / Andy B Concrete / Beilli & Tartick Professional Lot Striping / Olsen Sealing/Southern Tier Site Utility Striping is complete at the new handicapped parking area adjacent to the lower entrance to Steele Hall near the glass block stairwell.
I242ST Academic Avenue Roadway Improvements $150K Habiterra / Venable Construction / Northland Contracting / WM Warner Paving/ Buffalo Sealer &Striping Complete; pending payment of retainage in the Spring. 
TBD Campus Directory - Main Entrance TBD Habiterra / New Frontier / Travid Developmt. / Northland Contracting / Ahlstrom Schaeffer Complete; pending receipt of the new updated campus map.
TBD Houghton - Jewett Grove Sidewalk Rehab TBD Habiterra Survey of site completed
TBD Mason/Reed/Maytum/RAC Quad Walkway and Site Improvements TBD Habiterra Met with Habiterra and VP Bennett to discuss preliminary scope of work; p.o. to be issued to consultant.
* M05355 Summer 2007 Concrete $120K Andy B Concrete / Travid Development/Northland Contracting/ New Frontier/ Glenn Acres Nursery Replacement of damaged sidewalk along Thompson Hall was completed during fall break.
I246ST Fenton/Reed Sidewalk Lighting $40K RAM Tech / Ahlstrom 100 % Complete.
I247ST Dods Parking Lot 10 & 11 Rehab. $55K Nussbaumer & Clarke PO to be issued to Michael Rodger Land Surveyors and to Nussbaumer & Clarke. 
* TBD Parking Lot 9 Rehabilitation TBD Habiterra Meeting held on 10/10/07 with consultant; preliminary site plan to be provided 10/24/07 for review.
* TBD Ring Road / Lake Way Drive Roadway Improvements TBD Habiterra Meeting held on 10/10/07 with consultant; preliminary site plan to be provided 10/24/07 for review.
I248ST Lot 19A Re-route Drainage TBD TBD New Project
I249ST Academic Drive Street Lighting Phase II TBD Erdman Anthony New Project
* 05292 Site Infrastructure Phase II Facility and Gateway 825K Clough Harbour Clough Harbour Associates met with IT, FSA and Athletics to review data communication requirements, along with outdoor speaking systems. Facilities Planning has requested from Clough Harbour an update on cost estimates.