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Maytum Hall is the first non-residential building on campus to have the automated remote controlled access control system installed.
This system allows for building doors to be locked and unlocked on a time schedule. This is done remotely and it also allows for customized clearance codes to be assigned to individuals for specific access to secure areas. Buildings that currently have this system installed are Maytum Hall, Mason Hall, McEwen Hall, the Campus Storage Facility, The Children's Center, Carnahan Jackson, the guest room apartments in the Alumni House and Lograsso Hall, the Technology Incubator, Thompson Hall, Fenton Hall and a portion of Reed Library.

Individuals will need to remember to carry their FredCard with them if they require access after business hours. Your FredCard acts like a key to gain access therefore it is important to not let someone else use your card and if it is lost you report it to the FSA office immediately.

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