Campus Mail Guidelines

  • Outgoing and inter-campus mail to be picked up should be in the department mailroom or pick-up area by 10:00 a.m.
  • The department account number and/or department name must be on all off-campus outgoing mail. It should be placed in the top left corner above the return address.This is to insure that the appropriate department is properly charged for the postage.
  • Multiple pieces coming from the same department may have only the top piece marked with the department account number or name if they are bundled together in away that it is obvious that they belong together, such as, rubber banded or boxed.
  • Intercampus mail should be secured in envelopes by sealing or tape.
  • For the quickest mail delivery always use the most complete address for on and off campus pieces.
  • Separate inter-campus mail from off-campus outgoing mail. Also, domestic mail should be separated from international mail.
  • When a large mailing is to be picked-up the mailroom should be notified in advance to allow adequate staff coverage for the job.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual departments to forward all mail addressed to former staff and faculty members.
  • If mail belonging to another department should be delivered to your department by mistake promptly report it to the mailroom at ext. 3157 so it can quickly be corrected.

Page modified 8/4/14