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Summer Session Payroll

Summer Session Payroll Schedule

For classes that are not canceled prior to the first meeting.

Summer Session payments to faculty will be made on the following dates:

Summer Session I (Including May Term)

First Payment: Pay Period #5 - 6/17/15
Second Payment: Pay Period #6 - 7/01/15
Third Payment: Pay Period #7 - 7/15/15


Summer Session II

First Payment: Pay Period #8 - 7/29/15
Second Payment: Pay Period #9 - 8/12/15
Third Payment: Pay Period #10 - 08/26/15

Summer Extended is paid over the course of all 6 pay periods.


  1. Appropriate adjustments will be made for courses that do not conform to the typical three-credit hour model.
  2. Stipends for late starting courses without advance registration activity, such as internship supervision and directed studies, will be processed on a rolling basis, pending official verification of enrollment.
  3. Stipends will be adjusted upwards for courses that experience increased enrollments after the first full week of classes.

Summer Instructional Stipend Schedule -  please contact the Office of Payroll Services at x3775 or the Lifelong Learning Office at x3177 for this information.

Page modified 12/7/15