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Time and Attendance

TAS:  - Online Time and Attendance System

Time & Attendance System (TAS) Training Materials:

Professional & M/C

10-Month & Adjunct Faculty

Blank Timesheets:

**PLEASE NOTE** if you are planning to print your own timesheets they must be printed on the correct color paper. The different colors notify the Payroll Office that it is a time sensitive document and help us to distinguish between the many timesheets that come in each day. Thank You.



Leave Donation Form To Sick Leave Bank
Leave Donation Form To Individual
Lost Time & Unauthorized Absence Report
Information Release Form


Additional Vacation Charts:

Additional Vacation Credit For ASU Employees
Additional Vacation Credit for OSU Employees
Attendance and Leave for University Police

Additional information regarding Time and Attendance is currently linked through Human Resources. Please Click Here.

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