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Expectations for Undergraduate Referrals

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At the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program we are fully confident that referrals will be the best and brightest students.  We have a strong trust in our ambassadors choices and want to make your referrals a permanent part of SUNY Fredonia.  

We ask that all prospective freshmen referrals hold an 80% or greater high school average and received a minimum SAT composite score of 1,000 on the math and critical reading skills combined, or 21 on the ACT exam.  Our incoming student average high school grade point average is 89%, with an 1090 critical reading and math score.  Most of our students were in the top half of their high school class.  We do not expect you to make high school visits or personal recruitment contacts.  We just need you to refer information about students that you feel would be a good fit for Fredonia. 

We have 35,000 student profiles in our admissions database, and you can help us identify students that would be a good fit and we will give them more personal attention.  Students interested in becoming college athletes should not be personally recruited due to the NCAA national and SUNYAC conference regulations.  However, we welcome the opportunity to guide potential student athletes through the application process.  Potential student athletes will be directed to the office of admissions and the athletic department.

We at the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program like to get to know the student referrals so that we may give them the best information relating to their interests.  Basic contact information, along with anything you want to share with us about your nominee, would be greatly appreciated.

Along with the basic information please let us know why your referral belongs here at SUNY Fredonia and we will personally see that your referral has the most customized  experience possible.  Any information given about referrals will only be shared with the Alumni Office and will never leave the SUNY Fredonia campus.

Transitioning from high school to college is a challenging time in students' lives.  We at the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program will make it our priority  to help students with these challenging decisions every step of the way.  Our goal is to be there to answer questions or to address any concerns they may have on their journey.  We will endeavor to show your nominees everything SUNY Fredonia has to offer and help in their college selection process.

The Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program will personally look over each and every referral to assist your student in their transition to SUNY Fredonia.

We hope your referral will become part of the SUNY Fredonia community.

To make a referral, simply click on the link below and fill in the student contact information:

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Expectations for Graduate Student Referrals

Our Graduate Programs have a variety of requirements and many rank among the most competitive in the State. Due the nature of Graduate work, students are required to submit official letters of support and materials based on their degree program. Please note that an Alumni Ambassador Referral for a Graduate Student is a supplemental recommendation to their application and will not be used as an official Letter of Recommendation when needed.

Your recommendation for a Graduate Student allows the review committee to understand and appreciate your student on a deeper level, and to best assess their "fit" for Fredonia. Questions on the Graduate Studies program may be directed to:

Lauren Kicak
Graduate Admissions Assistant


To make a referral, simply click on the link below and fill in the student contact information:

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