FAQs - Alumni Admissions Ambassador

Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program
Fenner House
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (800) 252-1212 toll free


Q: What is required of an Admissions Ambassador?
A: The primary goal of the Alumni Admissions Ambassador is the refer prospective students to SUNY Fredonia.  There is no requirement or pressure for an Admission Ambassador to refer students; we ask our ambassadors to refer students at their own convenience.

Q: How much commitment comes with being an Admissions Ambassador?
A: The amount of time and effort put forth by our Admissions Ambassadors is entirely up to you.  We will appreciate any amount of effort given to us.

Q: How much time is required in the referral process?
A: Our goal is to make the referral process as quick and painless as possible for our ambassadors.  To speed up the referral process, we suggest that Alumni have basic information about the referrals at hand before starting.  It typically takes about five minutes to fill out the referral information.

Q: What is the minimum requirement for students referrals?
A: We ask that all referrals have at least an 80% High School average and score at least 1,000 on the Math and Critical Reading Skills combined on the SAT or a score of 22 on the ACT.  Typically, Fredonia students are in the top half of their graduating class.

Q: What about Graduate Students?
A: We welcome referrals for Graduate Students. Given the nature of Graduate Studies, we use Alumni Ambassador recommendations as a supplement to the students application. Please note that Graduate Students are not eligible for the freshmen scholarship pool. Having an Alumni Recommendation helps our committee to best assess a students "fit" on campus. 

Q: When should I refer a student?
A: Admissions at Fredonia are done on a rolling basis, from November until July.  Most students are accepted between November and April.  All scholarships are offered in March, so it would be best to refer students from November until February.

Q: Am I able to refer students who are not yet seniors in high school?
A: We would be happy to take referrals for Juniors and Seniors in high school. Graduate Student referrals are also welcome. 

Q: Is there a minimum amount of referrals required?
A: Absolutely not; we never pressure or ask our ambassadors for a specific number of referrals.  Alumni are free to send referrals at their leisure.

Q: Do I need any experience to become an Ambassador?
A: Your experience as a SUNY Fredonia Alumnus is more than enough to be a great Admissions Ambassador.

Q: Will my referral always be accepted?
A: Your referral will have extra attention in the review process, but we are not able to guarantee acceptance.

Q: Will I be compensated in any way for my referral?
A: No; the Alumni Admissions Ambassadors are volunteers, and we appreciate their help.

Q: Can I become an Admissions Ambassador if I graduated a long time ago?
A: We accept and welcome all Alumni to the program regardless of when they graduated.  It helps ambassadors if they know or have contact with high school age students.

Q: Does my career affect my acceptance to the program?
A: We accept Alumni Admissions Ambassadors from all walks of life and career fields.

Q: How many referrals can I send?
A: We will readily accept all referrals sent to the program as long as they meet the requirements.  Send us names of students that you think would enjoy Fredonia and be a good fit with the institution.

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