Why Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador?

Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program
Fenner House
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (800) 252-1212 toll free

Why Become an Ambassador?

You already have your degree and a constant connection to SUNY Fredonia that will last a lifetime.  Being a positive advocate for Fredonia helps us to recruit the next generation of proud SUNY Fredonia Alumni.  Some of the added benefits of being an Alumni Ambassador include:

Priority Invitations to on-campus events such as:

  • Alumni Ambassadors Homecoming Activities
  • Regional Alumni events
  • School of Music Performances
  • Golf tournaments and other athletic events
  • Groundbreaking ceremonies
After referring students to the Office of Admissions, Ambassadors will be recognized for their service to our campus. The levels of recognition are as follows:


= 1 student referral


= 5 student referrals


= 10 student referrals


= 15 or more student referrals

Whatever your level of involvement, we certainly appreciate your spreading the word about Fredonia.  Go Devils!

Sign up today to become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador for SUNY Fredonia!

Page modified 11/26/14