You are a freshman applicant if you are currently enrolled in high school, or if you have graduated from high school, but have not taken any college courses since.

With about 5,000 undergraduates and 400 graduate students on a beautiful residential campus, SUNY Fredonia is small enough that you come to know many people well, but large enough to have a variety of academic programs, extracurricular offerings, and ideas.

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You are a transfer student if you have taken any college courses after graduating from high school. Students who take courses for college-credit during high school but have not yet graduated are considered freshmen.

Fredonia is a very transfer-friendly campus! Approximately 1/3 of all of our new students each year are transfers from other colleges.

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International Students
International Students from all over the globe choose SUNY Fredonia for its high quality education, affordable price, private college-style campus, and friendly people. Students recognize the value of small classes and big opportunities to conduct research with fellow students and professors. Furthermore, they know the personal and professional connections they make here will lead them to a successful future.

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 grad studies

Graduate Students
SUNY Fredonia is an accessible, friendly place to pursue your graduate degree. Graduate education at SUNY Fredonia offers the unique opportunity for in-depth personal and professional development with individuals committed to similar intellectual growth.


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 lifelong learning


Lifelong Learning and Special Programs
Today, more than ever, education is a lifelong experience. In an era of constant change, one's skills must be updated continuously in order to remain competitive. You may discover that additional college courses, a degree, or specialized training are necessary to succeed. Lifelong Learning and Special Programs is here to help. 

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