Women's Swimming and Diving

Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Thank you for taking an interest in Fredonia State University and its athletic program. If you are interested in becoming a student-athlete at Fredonia State, please complete and submit this form. Upon receipt, you will be contacted by the coach. This form is not intended for prospective student-athletes who have already returned a questionnaire to the coach.

Personal Information:

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If you are a junior college student, please give your college address and phone number.

Academic Information:

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Athletic Information:

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Best Events (Times Recorded in actual competition only)

Event: Time: Date:
Event: Time: Date:
Event: Time: Date:
Event: Time: Date:

Average number of yards/meters per workout:
Workouts per week:
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Club Team:    Club Coach:
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Athletic Awards Received

Please rank your top five college choices:

What three main factors determine your college choice?:


Thank you for completing the Fredonia State University prospective student-athlete form. This information will be submitted to the appropriate coach and will be added to our database.

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