SIFE Goes to Jail:

jailStarting in the Fall 2007 semester, one of the projects our team developed was the SIFE Goes To Jail project. This projected was developed with the intention of helping inmates successfully integrate back into the community as productive citizens. Four members of our team met with inmates one-on-one twice a week at the Chautauqua County Jail in Mayville, NY and helped develop their business skills and broaden their knowledge about the business world. The team developed a lesson plan that included resume writing, interview skills and techniques, proper business etiquette, and proper dress attire. At the conclusion of this project it was brought to our attention by the Warden, Captain Patrick Johnson that there is a growing number of repeat offenders, and that the sustainability of programs such as ours is in growing need throughout the country.

patjohnsonThis is an award winning project and we feel it is our duty to maintain this program and spread it throughout the country. We ask that any interested teams contact us and download the templates (linked below). We will gladly provide you with contact information to jails within your surrounding community and the necessary tools to make this project a continued success. We are in full support of this program and want to maintain it as a recognized growing project.

Our goal is to help inmates gain the necessary business skills and knowledge in order to become confident throughout the interview process in hopes of becoming a productive citizen of the community.

  1. Lesson Plan for Prison
  2. Pre Survey
  3. Business Quiz
  4. Business Etiquette
  5. Clothing Activity
  6. Resume Info Template
  7. Post-Survey

Please download our informational brochure regarding the startup and promotion of SIFE and the SIFE Goes To Jail project for your university and community.

Read the interview with Warden Johnson



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