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Fall 2001 - High Yield Newsletter

Dr. Frandel (Mizwa) Marsh, 82
 has been named Dean of the Haab School of Business at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Born in Dunkirk, Frandel graduated valedictorian from Cassadaga Valley Central School in 1971.  In 1982, Frandel graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a B.S. degree in Business Administration, and a few years later she received a MBA from Canisius College. 

One of the earlier positions Ms. Frandel Marsh held was with her alma mater. For a while she was an administrative assistant to the executive director of the Fredonia College Foundation.  This position was instrumental in the choice of career for Ms. Marsh.  She soon became an expert in grant writing, fund raising and development for non-profit organizations. She later worked with public and nonprofit agencies in Detroit, Michigan to develop a model of inter-agency collaboration for the city's social service system.  

The combination of educational and employment background led Ms. Marsh to embark on the pursuit of a doctorate degree in the field of  Urban and Regional Planning from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  In 1994, while a research analyst in the College of Urban, Labor, and Metropolitan Affairs at Wayne State University, Detroit, she published "Services, Equity, and Needs" in The State of Non-Profit  Michigan.  She next published "The State of Non-Profit Detroit: Facts, Figures, and Agendas" in 1995.

In 1996 Ms. Frandel Marsh was conferred upon the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Urban, Technological, and Environmental Planning from Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  The title of her dissertation was, "Survival of the Fittest? Nonprofit Development in Metropolitan Detroit."

During the late 90s, Dr. Marsh and her husband, Mark Marsh, were busy operating their own consulting business in Ann Arbor.  In Sept. 2001, however, a challenging opportunity for a drastic career change for Dr. March emerged.  It was in the form of the position of the Dean of the Haab School of Business at Concordia University in Ann Arbor.  Striving for fulfillment of her potentials throughout her life, Dr. Frandel (Mizwa) Marsh rose to the occasion and accepted the position.  As the new Dean of the Haab School, Dr. Marsh will be responsible for fostering leadership and management skills among students.

Fall 2002 - High Yield Newsletter

As Director of Development for Jamestown, NY, Steven Centi faces the daily challenges of a city in financial crisis. At any given time, he and his staff of 10 juggle over 100 active projects, ranging from housing and building code enforcement to planning and commercial lending. He must continually find ways to fund a department that provides almost $400,000 in direct City of Jamestown-related activities with only a $168,000 allocation from the city budget.  

Centi was called to Washington on May 21, 2002 to testify before the Oversight Subcommittee of the House Ways & Means Committee about why he felt Jamestown was one of only 40 communities nationwide to be awarded a "Renewal Community" designation. 

Centi transferred to Fredonia State from Jamestown Community College in the spring of 1987. He was 33 years old, married, with four children. He had been employed as a sink polisher with American Sterilizer Corp. since 1978, but had lost his job when the company relocated in 1985. He treated going back to college, he says, "like a job," a philosophy that paid off in a 3.91 GPA.  

After earning his B.S. in Finance, Centi was hired in 1989 by Chase Lincoln First Bank, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a branch manager in November 1991. However, in 1995, he abruptly found himself unemployed again when the Residential Mortgage Account Executive position he held at the time was restructured through a merger with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, effectively eliminating his salary.

Armed with his banking background and degree in finance, Centi quickly landed a job as the Economic Development Assistant for the Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency. When the previous Director of Development won his bid for mayor in 1999, Centi was appointed by the Mayor to step into his shoes. 

Centi says the business curriculum at Fredonia State provided an excellent training ground for his career path. It was there he learned the keys to success: the ability to deal with people and express oneself in written and verbal form, skills that pay off, he says, every day.

Fall 2003 - High Yield Newsletter

Kathleen Anne Hartmans, '77
, President of Quality Bindery Services in Buffalo, recently received the 2002 Printing Executive of the Year Award, presented by the Printing and Imaging Association of Buffalo.  QBS is a full-service trade print bindery, which opened in 1993 "on a wing and a prayer," Kathie said.  She and her two partners had a vision of running a quality finishing shop for Western New York printers.   

As a velvet-gloved leader of QBS, Kathie has seen the firm grow to 30 employees, with their own 20,000 sq. ft. building at 501 Amherst Street. The bindery, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this past July, serves the print industry of Western and Upstate New York, as well as the Southern Tier and Erie, PA. 

After graduation, Buffalo-born Kathie Hartmans embarked on career positions that supported her enthusiasm as a bona fide Buffalo booster.  Her years in the hospitality industry and with the Buffalo Convention and Visitor's Bureau helped hone her sales and management skills while promoting Buffalo.  One of Kathie's key accomplishments with the Bureau was to create the Buffalo Ambassadors' Program.  In 1991, she took a sales job with MM Bork & Sons Bindery.  The new job fed her innate love for both books and manufacturing.  As they say, the rest is history.

Fall 2004 - High Yield Newsletter

In the 24 years since he graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a degree in marketing, Lee Cherney, '80 has built a successful career in the real estate business.  He has spent the last 15 years working for Kin Properties, one of the country's largest privately owned commercial real estate companies with a portfolio of over 800 properties comprising 32 million square feet across the U.S. 

Born in Mount Vernon outside New York City, Lee now lives and works in Boca Raton, Florida, where he serves as Kin Properties' director of real estate.  His daily activities include working on and overseeing acquisitions, leasing, construction projects, and more.  

After college, Lee took additional classes in various aspects of property management and construction to help him not only understand the deal-making side of a transaction, but the costs associated with that transaction.  "Real estate is a market-driven business," he says, "like in any business; you can't make a rational decision until you understand all of your costs."  He began his career as a commissioned sales person for Cross & Brown, a commercial real estate firm in Manhattan.  He says the well-rounded education he received at Fredonia helped him land that first job. 

 Fall 2006 - High Yield Newsletter

SUNY Fredonia alum, Sue (Attenhofer) Foster, '77, is a groundbreaker, a member of the unsung groups of women who put a shoulder into the glass ceiling and led a generation of females into careers that had long been the domain of men.  Ms. Foster entered SUNY Fredonia as a wide-eyed Spanish major from Clarence Center, N.Y. in 1973.  Over the next four years, she experienced the exciting freedom of college life, matured into a young adult, and switched her educational focus to accounting.  After graduation, she worked for a series of companies in short order, achieving a series of quick successes.  

In 1980, Ms. Foster began studying for her master's degree in computer information systems at Bentley College in Boston. After completing the degree, she served as a consultant for such companies as Cullinet, Coca-Cola, Ross Corporation and, eventually, in 1989, Oracle Corporation. Following her two-year stint as a senior consultant with Oracle, she started her own Oracle applications consulting firm - Susan Foster and Associates - and carved out a highly successful niche in the business world.  

Ms. Foster sold her consulting business in 1998, worked for another three years, and then went into semi-retirement-- she has written a book, "Oracle E-Business Suite 11i: Implementing Core Financial Applications," works occasionally on independent projects, and has been spending a good amount of time with her young daughter, Lanie. 

 Fall 2007 - High Yield Newsletter

As a member of the Finance Club, when John Campbell, '81, took a field trip to the Merrill Lynch office in Buffalo during his last semester at Fredonia, he had no idea he was experiencing a life changing moment that would lead him on the path to becoming a great success in the investment world. 

John's family migrated from Glasgow, Scotland to Rochester, NY in 1968, when he was only nine years old.  After graduating from Fredonia, he started out in the management training program of SouthTrust Bank in Atlanta, GA.  Within three years, he became the head of the commercial credit department.   

Ever since that fateful field trip to Merrill Lynch, John's career interest had always been in the investment field.  While still with SouthTrust, he earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) license and moved to the trust division to become a portfolio manager.  At the same time, he became involved with the CFA Institute - developing and teaching review courses, and preparing exams and grading them.   

In 1994, John accepted an offer by the investment firm of Invesco to work as an equity portfolio manager.  Equipped with analytical insight and practical know-how from his experiences with CFA and SouthTrust, within six years, he was promoted to one of five portfolio managers on Invesco's Global Team in charge of $15 billion of clients' assets. 

Currently, John owns his own investment firm, Cornerstone Investment Partners, with assets of more than half a billion dollars, beating the S & P 500 benchmark every year for his mostly institutional clients.  He is also on the board of directors of the SUNY Fredonia Foundation; "simply giving a little bit back" as he humbly puts it.

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