Fredonia State University
Accounting Society


Business Etiquette Dinner

The Accounting Society's Annual Etiquette Dinner has been held every spring semester since 1991 at The White Inn here in Fredonia, NY. Its purpose is to teach attendees the appropriate behavior expected of professionals while doing business in a social setting and to give them a low-stress environment to practice what they have learned. Topics covered as a part of this educational experience include appropriate behavior and discussion topics at the cocktail hour, during dinner and at other social engagements. Some years an invited guest speaks to students on topics, such as, cultural differences, fashion, wine selection, and lunch interviews. But, always, "Mr. Manners" hosts this elegant and educational event.

One of the opportunities for students to practice what they have learned is to attend a dinner meeting of one of the professional accounting associations held in Buffalo or Jamestown. To help students make a good first impression, a Guidelines for Students Attending Professional Dinner Meetings pamphlet is available.

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