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Domain Name Search Engine - NETNAMES
Search Engine Comparison - Searchenginewatch
About Google Megellan Snap: Search
Alcanseek Healthfinder Metacrawler Starting Point
AltaVista Highway61 MiningCo 37.com
Anazi HotBot News Index U.K. Directory
Ask Jeeves Identify Northern Light Webcrawler
Big Book Inference Find 1Blink Webwombat
Bigfoot Infomak 100hot whatUseek
Cyber 411 Infoseek Planet Search WhoWhere?
Direct Hit The Ultimate Directory Polar Search Yahoo
Dogpile Khoj-India Real Names Dictionary
Euroferret Lawcrawler Russia on the Net WWWWebster's
Excite Lycos SavvySearch ResearchIt
Four 11 Mamma Scrub the Web
GoTo Matilda Search
FileZ Megago Search UK
Direct Search - A growing compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools

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Amazon EBAY The Reel
Barnes & Noble E Bid Shop.com
Beyond E Follet Shopnow
Bid Euro Bid The U Zone
Big Words Last Minute Varsity Books
Buy.com IQVC Virgin Megastore
CD Now