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                                                  School of Business
Business Administration Dept.

Dr. Charles S.V. Telly

Profile & Curriculum Vitae

June 2008



College of Business Office
SUNY at Fredonia
Fredonia, New York 14063 USA
Telephone: (716) 673-4604
Fax: (716) 673-3506


Columbia University Law School. J.S.D. 1976-1984. (Ph.D. in Corporate Law). (Dissertation title: "Proxies and the Modern Corporation: Scienter Under Sections 14a and 10b of the Securities Exchange Act").

Columbia University Law School. LL.M. 1975-1976. John Jay Fellowship. (Thesis title: "The Classical Economic Model and The Nature of Property in the 18th and 19th Centuries").

University of Washington. (Seattle). Ph.D. in Business 1964-1967. Graduated No. 1 in the class. (Dissertation title: "Inequity and its Relation to Turnover Among Hourly Workers in the Major Production Shops of a Large Aerospace Firm (Boeing). Minor in Philosophy. Karl Marx and Lenin Studies under Melvin Rader.

University of Arizona. M.A. Philosophy. 1960-1962. Graduated No. 1 in class 4.0 GPA.
(Thesis title: "The Christian Man of Kierkegaard and the Ubermensche of Nietzsche")

University of Buffalo Law School. JD Law. 1954-1958. Primary interests were in Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts and Property.

Williams College. B.A. Philosophy. 1950-1954. Political Science and History minors. Primary interests were in Plato, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Descartes, Hume and Locke.


Invited to teach in the Legal Finance Program for University of Buffalo Law students in New York City (Spring 2008).

John Jay Fellowship, Columbia University Law School. (1975-1976)

Invited to teach in the Honors Program of the University of Utah (1972-1975)

Outstanding Professor, University of New Mexico, School of Business and Administrative Sciences (1969)

Graduated first In Class University of Washington Ph.D. Program GPA 3.92 (A = 4.00). (1967)

Alpha Kappa Psi award as the outstanding graduate lecturer at University of Washington School of Business Administration (1967)

Elected to Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honorary Scholastic Fraternity. GPA 3.92 (A=4.00) (1966)

Rated "A" professor in "Course Critique" evaluating 600 professors at the University of Washington. Only 33 were rated "A" professors. Only one other professor was "A" rated in the School of Business. (In 1967, the School of Business had 80 full-time faculty members and 25 pre-doctoral teaching faculty.) (1965)

"Journey for Perspective" awarded to three in Ph.D. program at the University of Washington in conjunction with 4 other schools (Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA and USC). It was a European trip to conference with business and government leaders in England, France, Germany and Russia. Also sent to do research project mentioned, infra. (1965)

University of Arizona, graduated first in Philosophy Master's program. GPA 4.00 (A = 4.00). (1962)


J.S.D. Dissertation Title: Proxies and the Modern Corporation: Scienter
Under Sections 14a and 10b of the Securities
Exchange Act

Dissertation Director and Committee: Professor Harvey J. Goldschmid, John C. Coffee
and Ernest L. Folk III

LL.M. Thesis Title: The Classical Economic Model and the Nature
of Property in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth

Thesis Director and Committee: Professor Harvey J. Goldschmid, Joseph H. Smith,
and Ernest L. Folk III

Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Inequity and Its Relation to Turnover Among
Hourly Workers in the Major Production Shops of
a Large Aerospace Firm (Boeing)

Dissertation Director and Committee: Dr. Wendell French, Dr. William G. Scott, Dr.
Theodore Barnowe, all of the School of Business,
and Dr. Melvin Rader (Philosophy Department)

M.A. Thesis Title: The Christian Man of Kierkegaard and the
Ubermensche of Nietzsche

Dissertation Director and Committee: Dr. Robert Bretall, Dr. Charles Wallraff, and
Dr. Arnold Meadows

Courses Taught in Business: Business Policy, Organization Theory, Organization
Behavior, International Business, Investment Analysis, Social Responsibility of Business, Decision Theory, The Corporation in Modern Society, The Legal Environment of Business, Ethics

Courses Taught in Law: Corporations, Securities Regulation, Antitrust,
Regulated Industries, Agency and Partnership, Trusts,
Jurisprudence, Seminar in Corporations and Modern
Society, Real Property


State University of New York at Fredonia, Professor of Business, since 1985. Teach Strategy of the Firm, Management and Organization Behavior, Legal Environment of Business, Investment Analysis.

Fulbright Scholar, University of Tirana and Fan S. Noli University in Korce, 1992-1994. In the Economics School taught Economics and Management and Organization Behavior. In the Law School taught American Contract Law. Also asked by old Communist Judges to teach them how to be judges in the new democratic society.

University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania, Visiting Professor, Asked to teach the professors how to teach the economics, business, and law courses in a democratic society. (June 1991, October 1991, March 1992).

University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Visiting Professor of Business, taught Business Strategy, Legal Environment of Business and Management and Organization Behavior. (1984-1985).

Oklahoma City University School of Law, Associate Professor, taught Corporate Law, Contracts, Anti-Trust Law, and Securities Law (1982-1984).

University of Washington. Visiting Professor of Business, taught Government and Society, Management Theory, and Business Strategy. Spring 1982.

Wake Forest University Law School, Visiting Associate Professor, Taught Corporate Law, Legal Foundations of Corporations, Finance Law, Contracts, Anti-Trust Law, and Securities Law. (1979-1981).

University of Dayton Law School, Associate Professor, Taught Corporate Law, Anti-Trust Law, Finance Law, Contracts, and Securities Law. (1976-1979).

University of Utah, Associate Professor of Business, Taught Strategy and the Firm, Management and Organizational Behavior, Legal Environment of Business. (1970-1975).

University of Washington, Visiting Professor, Department of Business, Government and Society, Taught the Theory of Business Government and Society, Summer (1968).

University of New Mexico, Assistant Professor of Business, Taught Strategy of the Firm, Legal Environment of Business, Management and Organization Behavior. (1967-1970).

University of Washington, Graduate Lecturer, Taught Legal Environment of Business, Strategy of the Firm. (1967-1967).

University of Arizona, Lecturer in Economics, Lecturer in Business, Lecturer in Legal Environment. (1960-1964).


Article - The Benevolent Legal Ethic of Adam Smith Merges With The Nobel Laureate R.H. Coase's Benevolent Legal Ethic." Oxford Round Table, Oxford University, England, March 2008.

Article - "Honor and Duty: Underlying Thesis of Democracy," Dunkirk Fredonia Observer, September 30, 2007.

Article - "The Greek Connection to America's Fourth of July," Dunkirk Fredonia Observer, July 1, 2007.

Article - "Moral Responsibility is Central Thesis of Humanity," Editorial, Dunkirk Fredonia Observer, March 26, 2007.

Book - Excellence: The Essences of Competitive Advantage, Subtitle: Don Quixote Advantage to Win, 17th Edition, Eagles Publishing Co., Jamestown, N.Y. (2008) ISBN No: 978-0-9761-491-7-0.

Book - The Law: An Historical and Case Analysis, Subtitle: The Legal Environment of Business, 19th Edition, Eagles Publishing Co., Jamestown N.Y. (2008)

Book - Management: The Corporate System and Work Ethic, Subtitle: The Manager: A Modern Hero and Pilot of Myth, 7th Edition, Eagles Publishing Co., Jamestown, N.Y. (2008) ISBN No: 978-0-9761-491-4-9.

Book - The Challenge of Investing in the Stock Market, Subtitle: Membership in the Tin Bull's Eye Lantern Club, 8th Edition, Eagles Publishing Co., Jamestown, N.Y. (2005) ISBN No: 0-9761-491-2-5.

Book - An Ethic and the Corporation, An Epic, Subtitle: Chautauqua, An Ethical Epic, 1st Edition, Eagles Publishing Co., Jamestown, N.Y. (2005)

Please note: the above books are the latest books that are revised each year.

Book - Business Policy: Analysis and Cases, 310 pages, publisher: McGraw-Hill, Spring 1997.

Chapter 17, "Chocolate-Its Quality and Flavor (Which is the World's Best Chocolate)" in Chocolate: Food of the Gods Edited by Dr. Alex Szogy; Greenwood Publishing Group Inc., Spring 1997.

Book - Strategy: A Conceptual and Functional Approach, 245 pages, McGraw Hill Publisher, Fall 1996.

Albanian National Newspaper, Kombi, "Who Wants This Government?" "Kush Dos Te Qeverise?" April 8, 1992

Magazine From The Ministry of Agriculture, Panorama, "The Small Town: The Foundation of Any Nation," "Fshati: themeli i cdo kombi," Number 10 (1991).

Albanian National Newspaper Drita, "Corruption: A Real Problem," Korrupsioni: nje rrezik real by Dr. Charles Spiro Telly and Florian Kongoli, December 8, 1991.

Albanian National Newspaper, Bashkimi, "An American Albanian from the United States Dr. Spiro Telly Speaks," "Baskatdhetari Yne Ne SHBA Zoti Spiro Teli Tha," July 26, 1991.

Albanian National Newspaper, Rilinja Demokratike, "I Believe the Albanians are Noble and Intelligent," "Une Besoj Tek Shquiptaret Sepse Jane Trima Dhe Inteligjente," August 14, 1991.

Albanian National Newspaper, Bashkimi, "A Spirit from the Father Comes to His Home to Speak," Nje Shpirt Prej Prindi Que Vjen Ne Shtepi Te Bisedoje," June 17, 1991.

Book - Management and Organization Theory: A Structural and Behavioral Systems Approach, Ginn Press, 1990, ISBN No: 0-536-57865-6.

Article - "Greenmail and the Business Judgment Rule," North Carolina Review of Business and Economics, 9:23-31, Winter 1985.

Article - "Proxies and the Modern Corporation: Scienter Under Sections 14b and 10b of the Securities Act," University of Tulsa Law Journal, 19:491-611, Summer 1984.

Article - "The Enduring Values of Municipal Utilities," with Jack Grove, Public Power, 39:70-84, May-June, 1981.

Article - "The Municipal Utility and the Liberal Economic Ethic," with Jack Grove, Case Western Reserve Law Review, Public Law Symposium, 30:267-290, Winter 1980.

Article - "The Classical Economic Model and the Nature of Property in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," University of Tulsa Law Journal, 13:406-507, Spring 1978. (101 pages).

Article - "The Life of the Law -- An Ideal," Dayton Bar Association Journal, 27:9-11, March 1977.

Book - Organization Theory, three volumes, 1300 pages. Published by University of Utah, September 1972.

Book - The American Free Enterprise System -- A Legal and Economic Analysis, 390 pages. Published by John Hawkes Publishing Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, September 1971.

Article - "The Relationship of Inequity to Turnover Among Hourly Workers," Administrative Science Quarterly, 16:164-172, June 1971.

Article - "Inequity and Its Relationship to Turnover Among Hourly Workers in the Major Production Shops of the Boeing Company," Academy of Management Proceedings, pp. 119-124, August 1969.

Chapter in Book (Chapter 26) - "Business Law and the Legal Responsibility of Business," in Business: An Introductory Analysis, 2nd edition, by Bayard Wheeler, Harper and Row Publishers, 1968.

Research Article - "The Nature of Organizational Justice in the Business Organizations of Southern Yugoslavia, Greece, and South Central Italy," in A Collection of Research Works by
the Journey for Perspective Foundation. John Hancock Life Insurance Co., San Francisco, California, September 1965.


Oxford Round Table, Delivered Paper, The Benevolent Legal Ethic of Adam Smith Merges With Nobel Laureate R.H. Coase's Benevolent Legal Ethic, March 23-27, 2008.

December 28-31, 2005 American Philosophical Association 6th Ave. Hilton NY City. Participated in the Philosophical Discussion of Soren Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript.

May 10-12, 1990, Eastern Academy of Management Meetings, Buffalo, New York. Paper delivered: "Chester Bernard's Theory of Authority: An Analysis."

December 1-3, 1988, Chocolate: Food of the Gods - - A Symposium, at Hofstra University. Paper delivered: "Chocolate: An Analysis of Its Quality and Flavor for Commerce."

Association of American Law Schools Meeting in Cincinnati at Cincinnati Convention-Exposition Center January 5-8, 1983. Participated in Discussion of Professional Responsibility specifically ways in which the "philosophical" study of the professional responsibility of lawyers is both legitimate and proper, and, moreover, very pertinent as supplemental to the old concept of only dealing with the "law" content.

Association of American Law Schools Meeting in NYC January 6-9, 1979. Participated in Discussion of Anti-Trust and Economic Regulation devoted to analysis of mergers under the recently issued Justice Department Merger Guidelines and the FTC Statement on Horizontal Mergers.

Association of American Law School, Meeting in Chicago. Participated in Discussion of Law and Economics where the issue was how much effect economics has on the legal and philosophical aspects of Law, January 4-7, 1976.

Western Academy of Management Meetings, Las Vegas, Nevada, Paper delivered: "A Position Paper on the AACSB Rules Pertaining to Business and Society Courses,"(1975).

Western Academy of Management Meetings, San Francisco, Paper delivered: "An Argument for Changing of AACSB Rules Pertaining to Business and Society Courses." (1974).

Western Academy of Management Meetings, Boulder, Colorado, Paper delivered: "The Corporation and Its Responsibility in Today's Society." (1972).

Mt. Plains Management Conference, Pocatello, Idaho, Paper delivered: "A New Approach to the Organization of Business Colleges. (1970).

National Academy of Management Meetings Cincinnati, Ohio, Paper delivered: "Inequity and Its Relationship to Turnover Among Hourly Workers in the Major Production Shops of the Boeing Company. (1969).

"Western Academy of Management Meetings, Long Beach, California, Paper Delivered "A Study of the Concept of Equity in Business Organizations." (1969).


At each of the schools where I have taught, I endeavored to participate and do my duty in the governance and administration of the school of business or the school of law.

In the business schools I have always volunteered to be on the curriculum committee because of my interest in a strong curriculum for a solid academic program. Since I have been at Fredonia the longest, I have been influential in building a sound curriculum. 

In each law school where I taught, I not only influenced the curriculum, but was a member of the admissions committee. This committee admits students to the law school. The strong committee involvement affects the quality of students who enter the law school. Each of us on the committee was committed to screening and refusing the weak candidates to ensure a strong law school student body.

At Fredonia, we have agreed to establish a curriculum that is highly academic and also has strong required prerequisite courses that our faculty teaches and that the junior college students must take regardless of what they have taken at the junior college level. This requirement strengthens the entire program and legitimatizes the later conceptual and synthesizing classes.


In each of the business schools where I have been they have asked me to be chairman. I have refused.

I love to teach and to write and to teach from my own materials.

I have no intention of retiring. I am just getting very good at what I do. Why should I retire at the top of my game? As Joe Paterno (the head football coach at Penn State University) says, "This is what I do."

Plato taught because he loved to teach as did his mentor Socrates. I teach in the Socratic method calling on the student to critically understand the material. Then, as more materials are understood on both sides of the issue a sound analytical conclusion is asked for.

To me teaching is based on Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" (Plato's Republic Book VII, 514a-517a) which postulates that we want and need to find the light which is truth. In Heidegger's translation, he translates light as the "unhidden." It is difficult to pull up the stake that binds you to that position in the cave and then, to struggle away from the cave ultimately to reach the light. Further, it is also difficult to go back to help others pull up their stakes and follow you to the light.

It is very satisfying to live the life of reason and the search for truth. And although it never ends, it is surely the greatness of life to be forever in pursuit. Socrates says it well in Plato's Dialogue the Apology, "the unexamined life is not worth living."


Consultant and Legal Counsel: Ames Daugherty, Black, et. al. Law Firm, SEC Case: Flynn Energy Corporation v. John A. Taylor. Advised helped write briefs, assisted in arguing before the Court. (October 1983-March 1984).

Consultant and Legal Funds Counsel: SCR is an organization which receives government funds to help revitalize small businesses in the community. June 1978-1979. Law students and I advised several commercial districts in Dayton and helped them incorporate into non-profit Corporations in order to receive government funds. (June 1978-1979).

Consultant: O'Melveny and Myers, Law Firm, Los Angeles, Antitrust Case, Memorex v. I.B.M. (October 1976-July 1977).

Consultant and Researcher: IML Co., one of the largest U.S. trucking firms. Research study with grad student. (November 1974-August 1975).

Consultant: Rate cases, People v. Utah Power & Light Co. before Utah Public Service Commission. Economists and I, from University of Utah, were hired to testify as experts. (November 1974-August 1975).

Consultant and Expert Witness: Wilson, Ahern, Montgomery and Albert, Attorneys, Albuquerque. A Corporate Minority Stockholder's Action Re: 60,000 acre Tome Spanish Land Grant. (1966).

Consultant and Researcher: The Boeing Company. Worked in Commercial Division Production Shops of Boeing Models 707, 727, 737 jets. (July 1966-September 1967).

Legal Associate: Bootey and Olson, Attorneys at Law, Jamestown, New York. (May 1959-July 1960).


The Fulbright Fellowship gave me the opportunity to learn Albanian so I could lecture in Albanian. I'm the only American to have done this. I taught economics and management in The Business School for one semester and contracts in the Law School at the University of Tirana. The second year I taught courses in economics and management and a course in law at Fan S. Noli University in Korce, Albania. (1992-1994).

As a Fulbright I did many things. An American Lawyer said he had access to several judges from the U.S.A. I suggested a conference for all the judges in Albania. We put on the 1st Annual Conference. These have become yearly conferences. (It should be noted that the judges of Albania had no robes to wear. Through my brother-in-law, a Presbyterian Minister, used gowns were sent from all over the US so we could "award" gowns to the Albanian judges).

We also began a series of lectures at the police academy. We brought police officers from the United States. The lectures are continuing series. I lectured for two semesters.

By this time I had been to Albania four (4) times. I had carefully traveled to every part of Albania. My family in Albania is huge, numbering over 300 members. I taught at the University of Tirana in Albania. (1990-1992).

Taught Management and Organization Theory (October 11-26, 1991) and Economics (March 3-20, 1992) in Tirana, Albania at the University of Tirana, College of Business and Economics.

Taught Management and Organization Theory at the University of Tirana, College of Business and Economics, and Corporate Law at the College of Law, June 10- 28, 1991. Classes were taught to professors, not students.

Taught for University of Utah in European Program at U.S. Air Force Bases in Wiesbaden, and Ramstein, Germany. Further, lived in Cambridge and taught in Alconbury and Lakenheath, England. October 1973-March 1974.

Traveled extensively in all of Europe. Wide knowledge and background in Southeast Europe, especially Albania and Yugoslavia. Lectured in Economics Department at the University of Utah on comparative economics. (1965).


1. Dr. Stephen Kershnar

2. Dr. Neil P. Feit
Professor Chairman, Dept. of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy Fenton Hall
Fenton Hall SUNY at Fredonia
SUNY at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063
Fredonia, NY 14063 (716) 673-4733
(716) 673-3839 Office

3. Professor Harvey Goldschmid
Columbia University Law School
435 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027
(He stepped away from teaching for four years 2002-2005 - first to advise the SEC and then to be a member of the SEC. Now, my mentor and the finest professor at Columbia Law School, is back to teaching.)

4. Dr. Richard Robinson 5. Dr. Katherine Barker
Director of School of Business Assistant Professor
SUNY at Fredonia Accounting Department
Fredonia, NY 14063 University of South Florida
(716) 673-4813 Office St. Petersburg, FL 33719
(716) 992-4102 Home (716) 785-1005 Cell


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