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An email list has been created for submitting questions to "Mr. Manners". An email list allows anyone with an email account to submit a question or comment to other subscribers by sending a message to the list. This message is then resent to all subscribers on the list. This allows any other subscribers to respond to your question or comment by simply replying to their copy of the message in their mail. Even if you don't submit or reply, as a subscriber, you will receive a copy of each message so that you may follow the discussion. I hope you will join in by subscribing.

To subscribe to this email list, send a message to:

and place the following phrase in the body of your message:
    sub Etiquette
It's not necessary to enter anything on the "Subject:" line of your message.

You will receive a message back from the mail server (i.e., maiser) confirming your subscription and welcoming you to the list.

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