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Armand Petri and Alice Cooper

Armand Petri (right) with Alice Cooper (left)

 Stuart Shapiro

Armand Petri

Director, Music Industry Program

Armand Petri has over 25 years of experience in the music industry, encompassing fields of artist management, record and video production, and live sound. Working with artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, and Sixpence None the Richer, Petri's accolades include several gold and platinum records, a Dove Award, and song placement in television and film.

Deciding upon education as a new vocation, Petri received an M.A. in Arts Management from the University at Buffalo. Petri has designed a unique program for SUNY Fredonia that gives students the opportunity to learn about the industry both in the classroom and outside academia through internships. Petri combines his passion for the music industry with his desire to educate, leading students into the future of the music industry.

Stuart Shapiro

Attorney; Cohen and Lombardo of Buffalo, NY. , 
Adjunct Professor

A Partner in the Buffalo, New York, law firm of Cohen & Lombardo, P.C. Mr. Shapiro is an award winning songwriter who has been a professional musician and performer since he was 13 years old.

He has appeared at venues across the country and abroad, opening for such acts as Paul Anka, Josh White, Michael Martin Murphy, The Buddy Rich Big Band, J. Giles, and John Couger Melloncamp.

As an Attorney, he specializes in trial work and litigation, including business and Commercial Litigation, as well as personal injury matters. He heads the firm's Intellectual Property department, practicing in the areas of Copyright, Trademark, and Entertainment Law. In 2012 he was named in the top 5% Attorneys in NYS by the New York Times.

Mr. Shapiro represents numerous songwriters, performers, authors, recording studios, record companies, and film companies, as well as producers, photographers, and graphic artists. He is regularly engaged as a featured speaker, educating other Attorneys on Intellectual Property and Litigation Issues.

MUSB 201- The Business of Music
MUSB 350- Special Topics: History of Music Business 
MUSB 420- Student Record Label
MUSB 425- Music Marketing and Promotion
MUSB 465- Music Industry Internship

MUSB 320- Music Contracts

Armand Petri and Alice Cooper

 Penny Hite

Jonathan Topper

Visiting Professor

Hailing from Western New York, Topper has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years and has built many strong relationships throughout its world of business. Jonathan is the owner of Top Artist Productions, a music management company that works with artists, mangers, labels, and agents. Through his company he has set up national tours, negotiated many publishing and distribution deals, and planned the CMT music festival that took place in Ontario, Canada.

Through Fatboy Records, Jonathan manages a nationally touring artist, Moe, and continues to work in various sectors of the industry, including but not limited to overseeing production and recording, coordinating marketing teams, renting studios, etc. In 2009, he decided to dabble in the radio business and programmed “On The Border”, which was an original radio show for WBFO 88.7 in Buffalo, New York. Jonathan also continues today to work at Top Artist Productions Inc., Fatboy Records, and as a festival producer for the Summer Camp Festival and Snoe.Down.

Penny Hite

Chair; Applied Professional Studies

In July of 2013, Dr. Penny Dalton Hite was named chair of the Department of Applied Professional Studies in the School of Business. Hite, who has served the college in several capacities over 22 years, will oversee the Music Industry and Sport Management departments in her new position. Hite is excited to be associated with the Music Industry students and faculty and the many sensational experiential and extra-curricular activities associated with the department.

Hite has a Bachelor’s degree from Springfield College, Master degrees from SUNY Fredonia and SUNY Brockport and an EdD from the University of Buffalo.

When asked about her music interests, Hite indicates she grew up on Journey, Springsteen, Genesis and other classic rock artists and still considers them her favorites. If she had to pick a current favorite, it would be the music of Zac Brown.

MUSB 350 - Special Topics
Touring, Concert, and Festival Promotions


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