Music Industry Club

What We Do

The SUNY Fredonia Music Industry Club (MIC) is a chartered group through the Student Association, run and organized by students. MIC is a great way to gain hands on experience in the music industry. MIC complements the Music Industry program while maintaining the freedom that comes from being a student group. Members of MIC gain the opportunity to network with students in the Music Industry major, students from other departments of the university, and outside members of the community. Throughout the semester, the club organizes a number of events such as the Life is Art Festival and the Battle of the New Bands as well as a number of open mic nights and off campus shows. These allow for students to take charge and put the skills they learn to real world use.

MIC meets every other Thursday at 8:00 pm in Williams Center Room G103C. Come check us out!
Email us and stay up to date on MIC events and other opportunities!

The E-board

The E-board is responsible for running MIC and all of its events. They pride themselves on providing opportunities and hands-on experience to students in Music Industry and other areas of study. Elections for one-year terms occur every November. The current e-board includes:


President- Shauna Presto
V.P.- Nikki Smith
Secretary- Danny Palladino
Treasurer- Kate Savarese
Productions- Meaghan Bailey
Networking- Jackie O'Mara
Promotions- Bobbi Walls
Events Chair- Nick Karp
Social Networking- Tom Sobczak

President: The President oversees the club's meetings and activities, as well as delegates duties to each e-board member. This position requires you to network with other student organizations, departments and fellow Music Industry majors.

VP: The Vice President assists the President with events and activities and organizes e-board elections every fall semester.

Secretary: The Secretary communicates any and all information discussed amongst the e-board to the general body members via email and keeps track of meeting minutes. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer monitors the club's Student Association account, handles purchase orders and money request forms, and attends budget meetings. 

Productions: The Productions chairperson is responsible for planning, organizing and running the Life is Art charity event in the spring semester. They are in charge of contacting vendors, artists, and performers for the festival.

Networking: The networking position reaches out to the student body and outside sources to compile a list of musicians, venues, promoters, organizations and other various contacts that could benefit the club.

Promotions: Promotions Chair duties include creating event flyers, tickets, and posters for events and shows. Basic graphic design skills are extremely helpful to have for this position.

Events: The Events Chair books events on and off campus and contacts venue owners for local shows.


Annual Life is Art Festival. 

Life Is Art 2014


Have questions? Event ideas? Want to book a band? Contact us!

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