Annual Reports: Download our complete report here.

Past Projects: Download our complete list here.

Additional Projects Completed:

Historical Analysis Leading to Present (H.E.L.P.)- Educated Fredonia High School’s freshman history class about major historical events that shaped and impacted the American Economy.

What Would You Do?...Ethical Decisions- SIFE Team created a children’s adventure book entitled: Ethics Man and his Ethical Adventures. The book helped educate 1st grade students at Pine Brook Elementary how to understand daily ethical dilemmas and the repercussions they may face based on their decisions.

Don’t Get Eliminated- Project was aimed towards helping college students learn the proper ways to write a resume based on common mistakes that individuals make. The SIFE Team also offered helpful tips to make interviewees stand out among the rest by educating college students the appropriate etiquette for an interview.

Kash for Kids- The team incorporated local businesses in order to raise money for the Trooper’s Toys for Tots. They helped distribute donation jars throughout the community in order to raise money for the cause.

Advertising for Fred Foods- The SIFE Team advertised for local restaurants in Fredonia to increase awareness among the community and students. In order to increase profits and action by the target audience, the team was able to achieve this goal by distributing flyers, hosting a happy hour, placing ads in local newspapers, and creating a webpage.

Promoting P.O.N.Y.- The project was focused on creating a website for an organization, in an attempt to develop new interest within the organization. Using marketing skills, and knowledge of business, the team created a website and gained sponsors to help encourage new participants and spectators for the Pennsylvania Ohio New York Horse Association.

Financial Facts for College- The project was designed to assist incoming college freshman in all financial matters that they will encounter during the duration of their studies. The team covered issues dealing with the financial aid process, loans and scholarships, book charges, on and off campus housing, meal plans, and managing general finances.

Selling School Spirit- The team educated the youth at Fredonia Middle School in the areas of sales, marketing, and finance, as well as provided the students with key business practices in order to help them succeed in a competitive free market economy. The team developed a sales competition where the students sold t-shirts with their school mascot, and Wal-Mart donated an iPod to the student with the highest in sales.

Children Applying Real Ethics (C.A.R.E.)- The team organized a poinsettia sale for The Campus and Community Children’s Center. They planned an afterschool program for the Wheelock Primary School to promote the idea of sales in a free market economy.

What Were They Thinking? A Guide to Ethics- The team presented key terms dealing with ethics and business to students at West Valley Central School. As a teaching tool, the team acted out skits for the students to discuss and analyze dealing with ethical decisions and their consequences.