The State University of New York at Fredonia
280 Central Ave.
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3111

Sport Management Faculty


Penny Hite

Penny D. Hite, Assistant Professor
SUNY Buffalo, Ph.D.

W-333 Thompson Hall

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: Penny.Hite@fredonia.edu

Courses taught:
Sport in American Culture, First-aid Skills, Fitness & Nutrition, Statistical Methods I

Sungick Min

Sungick Min, Assistant Professor
University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D.

W-303 Thompson Hall

Ph: 716-673-4944


Course taught:
Leadership and Management, Economics of Sport, Facility Management, Marketing and Public Relations in Sport

Jason Becker

Jason Backer, Lecturer
Canisius College, M.S.A.

105 Dods Hall

Ph: 716-673-3653

Email: Jason.Becker@fredonia.edu

Courses taught:
Technology of Sports, Economics of Sport, Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education

Joe Baudo

Joe Baudo, Assistant Athletic Director and Adjunct Instructor

124 Dods Hall

Ph: 716-673-4767

Email: joseph.baudo@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Event Management

Mary Bolo

Mary Bolo, Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-4959


Course taught:
Sport in American Culture


P.J. Gondek, Head Soccer Coach and Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-3366


Course taught:
Theory and Techniques of Coaching


Physical Education Instructors



Thomas BattagliaAdjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: Thomas.Battaglia@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Basic Bowling

Pam Benchley

Pam Benchley, Adjunct Instructor

139 Dods Hall

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: pamela.benchley@fredonia.edu

Courses taught:
Aqua-Aerobics, Body Sculpting


Monica Demello-Patterson, Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: monica.demello-patterson@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Yoga

Jeffrey Meredith

Jeffrey Meredith, Head Coach and Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-3334

Email: jeffrey.meredith@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Hockey, Advanced Conditioning


Katie Paucci-Schaefer, Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: kathryn.puccischaefer@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Aqua-Aerobics

Arthur Wang

Arthur Wang, Head Coach and Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-3643

Email: arthur.wang@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Lifeguard Training

Norman Yonkers

Norman Yonkers, Adjunct Instructor

Ph: 716-673-4959

Email: norman.yonkers@fredonia.edu

Courses taught: Self-Defense

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