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Orientation Leader - Office of Campus Life

Summer Orientation Leader Position Description

Summer Orientation Leader Application Packet

Applications are available on the Campus Life main page.

Role Description - The Orientation Leader is a paraprofessional who is expected to assume leadership responsibility for the success of the orientation program.

Dates of Employment - Orientation Leaders will work from June 14 - July 17, 2009


  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the campus
  • Must reside on campus and be "on call" 24-hours-a-day during Orientation sessions. Other employment commitments are not permitted during this time.
  • Must be available on June 15, 2009 for training.

Orientation Leaders will be paid a salary of $1200 for the six weeks. Room and telephone will be included. Meals are provided during all Orientation sessions and a $200 food stipend is included for other meals between sessions.

  • Training Obligations - Orientation Leaders will be required to attend all training functions prior to the scheduled orientation sessions.
  • Other Obligations - Orientation Leaders are expected to participate in all of the planning sessions and pre-orientation preparations.
  • Employment Termination - An Orientation Leader's employment may be terminated if it is determined that he/she is not maintaining ethics befitting a paraprofessional.


  • Talk to new students, parents, and their families and guests
  • Inform new students of campus policies and procedures
  • Promote a positive image of Fredonia and the Orientation program
  • Sit desk coverage and be "on call" 24-hours-a-day during orientation (rotation basis)
  • Sign in students and parents into the residence halls
  • Attend all social activities
  • Prepare the residence halls for arrival of new student and parents; decorate hall lobby and bulletin boards
  • Collate and individualize orientation folders for all new students and parents attending each session
  • Lead a group (25-30) of students to various activities and programs
  • Assist new students with course selection
  • Answer questions about the campus, classes, activities, etc.
  • Reside in the residence hall throughout the Orientation program
  • Smile, be friendly, pleasant and hospitable during all sessions

Have Lots of Fun!

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