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Emily Bird's road to success!


 my time dedicated to the leadership minor taught me to become a well-rounded person. Not only did the core Advanced Leadership Development Program courses teach me to adapt to my peers’ personalities and work styles, but it encouraged me to look deeper into my leadership style as well. This was further enhanced through the additional courses that the Leadership minor provided such as Intro to Acting and International PR where I further developed skills I had never used before. Without having these challenges and opportunities provided by the leadership program to promote self-discovery and skill development, I would have never learned how to handle certain situations. This was genuinely revealed when my classmates and I orchestrated our service project, “Campin’ for Hope.” Through this learning experience, our team worked through the stress and sorrow of such a touching story in order to honor a truly deserving person and used leadership theory to implement our project! In the end, it was extremely rewarding. This memory will always remain with me because I not only learned about myself, but I learned about myself as a leader.  Leadership CAN be learned because I continue today...learning new ways to better myself, our community and improve as a leader. Currently, I am an Account Coordinator at Text100 Global Communications in Rochester, NY. Text100 is a technology-based public relations firm with offices all around the world. I started interning with the company in June and was hired on full-time in November. My main responsibilities include supporting the Xerox Technology team with their public relations needs and recruiting new business for the firm.


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