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Career Development Office
State University of New York at Fredonia
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Gregory Hall, 2nd floor
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Get FOCUSed on the World-of-Work!

What is FOCUS 2?

FOCUS 2 is an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system. Combined with a follow-up appointment with a career counselor, FOCUS 2 can help you to make informed decisions.

How do I get started on the FOCUS 2 program?

Create your account on the FOCUS 2 login web page. Students will need to login with their Fredonia e-mail accounts. The SUNY Fredonia Access Code is:  focus2

1) Login to FOCUS 2 to complete the Career Readiness and Self-Assessment Modules

2) Review your results and Career Portfolio; take notes on areas you would like to discuss further

3) Schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Career Development Office to develop your plan of action

How can FOCUS 2 help me?

First or Second Year Student:

  • Understand the career planning process
  • Self-awareness, learn about yourself through self-assessments
  • Explore majors that match your interests and support your career goals
  • Explore career fields and occupations that appeal to you
  • Make informed decisions about your major and career
  • Develop an action plan

Third or Fourth Year Student and Beyond:

  • Ongoing career exploration and awareness
  • Make career plans
  • Plan for advanced education and training
  • Explore options for transitioning into new or specialized occupations  

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What can I expect from using the program?

  • Select a major based on your interests and aspirations
  • Discover occupations matching your personal preferences and attributes
  • Map out your career plans, present and future
  • Make informed career decisions

How much time does it take to use FOCUS 2?

The Career Readiness & Self Assessments modules can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less. We encourage you to login at any time to spend additional time researching over 1,000 different occupational choices and viewing career videos.

Take some time to think about your results then discuss your ideas with a career counselor and your academic advisor. FOCUS 2 can also be used as an ongoing resource throughout your career.

How do I make the most of my experience with FOCUS 2 and the CDO?

We encourage you to discuss your particular situation with a career counselor. There are many instances when it would be a better use of your time to utilize other Career Development Office resources, and a counselor will help you assess this. These instances would include learning about a particular occupation you have in mind or learning about the job search (resume, contacting employers, interviewing) or graduate school. If these are your concerns, please make an appointment to speak with a career counselor.

Questions? Contact the Career Development Office at (716) 673-3327 or e-mail

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