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Chemistry Department Faculty

Department of Chemistry
221 Science Center
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063

Campo Dr. Cheryl Campo
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
207a Houghton Hall
SUNY College at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Tel: (716) 673-4843
Fax: (716) 673-3347
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., 2007, Case Western Reserve University (Macromolecular Science and Engineering)
M.S., 2003, University of Connecticut (Polymer Science)
M.Ed., 1998, Rutgers University (Physical Science Education)
B.A., 1996, Rutgers University (Chemistry)

Of potentially broader impact to fields of study ranging from the formulation of personal care products to environmental waste treatment, the determination of structure- property relationships in polymer blends and the modeling of these systems using small molecules will be my group’s primary focus in science research. Related to the above, compatibilized mixtures, namely Pickering emulsions (or immiscible blends stabilized by solid particles), will also be an area of future research in my group. Experimental techniques that will be employed in these investigations include differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermomechanical analysis (TMA), and optical microscopy (OM).

With regard to science education, my group will explore ways in which not only fundamental scientific concepts but recent advances in science and technology can be made more accessible to a general audience. Investigating the use of the visual and performing arts to this end will be our main focus. The influence of gender and other cultural biases on science teaching and the retention of individuals from underrepresented groups in science and engineering fields will also be studied. Furthermore, assessment tools specific to the above will be developed as part of the group’s overall research effort in science education.

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