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CMA Groups

We are Fredonians

The CMA is dedicated to helping the State University of New York at Fredonia maintain an all-inclusive campus community where diversity and multiculturalism are promoted, valued, and celebrated. Located on the first floor in Thompson Hall; our office provides CMA groups with opportunities for learning, leadership, campus involvement, and personal development through programs and related academic experiences. CMA groups utilize our office to come together to plan events and raise cultural awareness on campus. The CMA offers a comfortable place to meet, study and relax. There is a study lounge, kitchen area, computers, conference room, and student organization offices.

CMA Campus-Wide Events:

          Culture Fest
          Rosa Parks Ceremony & Presentation
          Multicultural Weekend

Black Student Union


Black Student Union E-Board

The Black Student Union (BSU) strives to promote a feeling of unity and pride among Black students and other members of the college community. The BSU continually aims to improve cultural and social development and increase Black awareness on campus in order to provide to the student body an organization equipped with the necessary knowledge of Black culture and other ethnic heritage.
     Selected Events:
       Spring Concert
       Fashion Show
        History Month: February


Hillel Eboard
Hillel/Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a group designed to provide a caring community for people interested in Judaism. The Hillel provides programs to educate its members and the campus community about Jewish culture, history and heritage.
     Selected Events:
    Shabbat Dinners
    Holocaust Speakers
    History Month: April

Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos (LU) was created in order to promote a feeling of unity and pride among Latino students and other members of the college, focusing to improve cultural and social development. One of LU's major goals is to increase Latino awareness in the campus community, and to provide the student body with the necessary knowledge of Latino culture and other ethnic heritage by promoting lectures, artisans, dancers, poets, and musicians.
     Selected Events:
          La Tomatina
          La Fiesta
          History Month: September 15 - October 15

Pride Alliance

2015 Pride E-Board 

Pride Alliance, formerly the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Union (GLBSU) strives to promote a feeling of unity among homosexual, bisexual students, and other members of the college; to provide a relaxed, safe and supportive atmosphere for its members. The GLBSU also works to help raise awareness of alternate lifestyles by helping to educate the Fredonia campus and surrounding community.
     Selected Events:
    Drag Shows
   Gay Prom
     History Month: October

     Women's Student Union


 2015 WSU E-Board
The Women's Student Union (WSU) addresses current feminist issues concerning the student population. The group continually educates and informs the campus community about larger sociopolitical issues. Membership is open to all fee-paying students.
     Selected Events:
     Vagina Monologues
    Take Back the Night
     History Month: March

Native American Student Union


The Native American Student Union (NASU) aims to promote Native American tribes, cultures and traditions of all nations throughout the United States.
*Currently, NASU is in development with members needed. If you are interested in having a position on the Executive Board, please contact the Center for Multicultural Affairs.
     Selected Events:
     History Month: November

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