CMA Poster Competition

The Center for Multicultural Affairs


Who are we?

Fredonia State University of New York is the proud home of six cultural groups, all of which are run by our amazing students. These collectives (Black Student Union, Hillel, Latinos Unidos, Native American Student Union, Pride Alliance, and Women’s Student Union) are the voices of human rights advocacy for Fredonia. All new students, and those returning, should come see what the Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) is all about.


Calling all Inspired Students, Graphic Designers, and Artists!

 The Center for Multicultural Affairs is looking for a new emblem and needs your help! We are seeking a current student that can design a creative, appealing, and professional logo design.  The logo should be recognizable and promote the mission of the CMA, “As our mission has and always will be to encourage the campus community to investigate and acknowledge the various cultures that exist on our campus, recognize those differences and then celebrate our diversity.”


How to Enter the Contest

 The contest begins Friday August 22, 2014. Submissions will be accepted through September 12, 2014.  The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board (MAAB) representatives will choose the winner once the submission window has closed.  In order to submit an entry for review, it must be:

1)     Emailed directly to Richard Schumacher:

2)     Submitted in the original source file.

3)     Submitted as .PNG file (with high quality dpi).


Logo Requirements

1) Only one color (of your choice) can be used in the logo.

2) The logo must legibly incorporate our full title: The Center for Multicultural Affairs.

3) The logo cannot contain copyrighted material, or the current Fredonia logo. It must be original.

4) The logo must promote the mission of the CMA Office.



The CMA office will reward the winning entry with a $150.00 FSA gift card




Questions should be directed to the Center for Multicultural Affairs, E125 Thompson Hall,

(716) 673-3398,

Good Luck!!!

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