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Bilingual Education: Intensive Teacher Institute, CAS

Department of Language, Learning and Leadership of the College of Education.

Overview and Description of the Program

The Intensive Teacher Institute (ITI) Program is a fast track to NYS certificates and extensions in areas of critical shortage as identified by the NYS Ed Department. Bilingual Education is a designated critical shortage area. The ITI Program is a joint collaborative program with the New York State Education Department (administered through BOCES) and SUNY Fredonia’s College of Education. Qualified candidates who complete this 5-course program are eligible to take the Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) certification exam and apply for the NYS Bilingual Extension. Tuition funding is available for qualified candidates through ITI.

The NYS bilingual educator has the knowledge and skills necessary to teach effectively in English and the target language of instruction in New York State public schools. The bilingual teacher understands the foundations of bilingual education, including the processes or first-and second language acquisition and learning, models/methodologies of bilingual education, and the legal requirements and professional expectations related to bilingual education. The bilingual teacher understands that language reflects a body of shared values and assumptions that constitute a distinctive culture. Finally, the bilingual teacher is proficient in the target language and in English, using both languages to interpret a variety of spoken messages and written texts and to communicate effectively in speech and in writing.

Candidates interested in the Bilingual Extension-ITI Program must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Already possess oral and written language proficiency in English and the target language of instruction.
  • Have and provide evidence of a current, valid, NYS certificate in an approved area.
    Certification in TESOL is not an approved area for the NYS Bilingual Extension.
  • Be currently teaching in your area of certification and
  • Have your administrator commit to appointing you to a full-time position as a bilingual education teacher upon program completion.
  • Meet both SUNY Fredonia Graduate Studies and ITI enrollment/admission criteria
  • Be willing to serve as a bilingual education teacher for 2 years in the nominating district/school upon program completion.

Program Requirements: 

EDU 518 Second Language Development and Acquisition 3 cr.
EDU 540 Content Area ESL 3 cr.
EDU 568 Foundations of Bilingual Education 3 cr.
EDU 569 Assessment and Evaluation of ELLs 3 cr.
EDU 555 Biliteracy Instruction and Assessment Methodologies 3 cr.


New York State Certification Requirements:

To obtain a bilingual education extension to a teaching certificate, candidates are required to achieve a passing score on the Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) in the target language of instruction.


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