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Education alumni news

Founding Principal of a successful Harlem charter school and local native, Jim Manly gave the keynote at SUNY Fredonia’s fourth annual College of Education Research Symposium on Saturday, March 31, the theme of which was “Partnerships for Success: Working Together to Transform P-12 Schools and Teacher Preparation.

Dr. Heichberger, Mrs. Crino
Dr. Robert Heichberger and Dr. Estelle Crino are encouraging graduates to support the new "College of Education Committee of Friends." Both have created endowments to benefit students majoring in education programs. 


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Scholarship initiative, "College of Education Committee of Friends," making a difference 

Helen Johnson Gift

The new College of Education Committee of Friends is a unique fundraising opportunity. College of Education alumni who donate $200 or more are creating a new $2,000-per-student scholarship program to help attract the best and brightest high school students to SUNY Fredonia and, ultimately, successful careers in education.  

Helen Johnson, Class of 1952, enjoyed a 35-year career in education and joined the College of Education Committee of Friends because she thought it was "payback time." Shown above with her twin brother, Harold, she attended the College of Education’s Commencement Week Celebratory Luncheon in May and congratulated Ellen Konicki, left, who was one of two inaugural recipients of a scholarship Ms. Johnson established in response to the College of Education Committee of Friends initiative launch last year. Read more>>

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To learn more about giving to the Fredonia College Foundation or joining the College of Education Committee of Friends Challenge, contact Heather McKeever, associate director of Development, at 673-3321 or

Members of the College of Education Committee of Friends  

As of Sept. 14, 2012: 
Nancy L. Schubert on behalf of the late Wilmah A. Lapham '32, and G. Frank Lapham'32

Mrs. Laura H. Reyes, '40

Mrs. Ruth S. Poole, '43

Mrs. Carolyn W. Getz, '44

Mr. Robert E., '50, & Mrs. Shirley P. Coon, '66

Mrs. Marilyn A. Barresi, '51

Mr. Stanley R., '56, and Evelyn, '51, Sherman

Ms. Helen L. Johnson, '52

Mr. William R. Busk, '52

Mrs. Marilyn A. Boorady, '52

Dr. Greta G. Dershimer, '53

Mrs. Frances S. Setter, '53

Dr. Jay W., '59, & Mrs. Terry B., '54, Erickson

Mrs. Elaine Bird, '54

Mr. Patrick F. Hogan, '55

Mrs. Ethel Juliano, '56

Mr. Milford F. Crandall, '57

Ms. Emily F. Lampert, '57

Mrs. Joan B. Feasley, '57

Mr. Michael R. Valvo, '57

Mrs. Carol J. Babcock, '58

Mr. Charles R. & Mrs. Shirley M., '58, Erbsmehl

Mrs. Madeline Miller, '59

Mr. Fred C. Myer, Jr., '60

Mr. Ronald A., '61, & Mrs. Catherine, '77, Sutherland

Mr. George Todaro, '61

Mr. Denis Kingsley, '61

Mrs. Sandra L. Ryan, '61

Mrs. Lynne Goepper, '61

Rev. Judith Carson, '61

Mrs. JoAnn Masterson, '62

Drs. John R., '63, & Diana J. Quatroche, '62

Dr. Jean E. Benton, '64

Mr. A. Edward Uprichard, '64

Mr. Gerald N., '65, & Karen, '71, Mathewson

Mr. J. Donald Lynne, '65

Mrs. Terry W. Clifton, '66

Mrs. Nancy Atwell-Ring, '66

Mrs. Anne C. Small, '66

Mr. Robert A., '67, & Mrs. Linda, '68, Pratt

Mrs. Gloria Chase MacGamwell, '67

Mr. Dennis L., '68, & Mrs. Kathleen, '69, Lell

Mr. Melvin L. Feather, '68

Dr. Robert W. Schuck '68

Mrs. Sue E. Lamb, '69

Mr. Gregory D., '69, & Mrs. Linda, '71, Prechtl

Mrs. Linda S. Staiger, '70

Mrs. Carolyn K. Williams, '70

Mrs. Maryann Jumper, '70

Ms. Ruth E. Seaman, '70

Mrs. Andrea J. McGeein '71

Mrs. Patricia A. Malinowski, '71

Mr. Kenneth R. Dowd, '71

Mr. Robert A. Crabtree '71

Mrs. Toby Vandemark, '71

Mr. Stephen Luzinas, '71

Mr. Raymond Dewitt, '71

Mrs. Judith W. Clark, 72

Mrs. Roseanne Kelly Rosenthal, '72

Mrs. Tracey A. Cummings, '72

Mr. Raymond Fashano, '72

Mr. John W., '73, and Corrine A., '74, Cochol IV

Miss Catherine Southworth, '73

Mr. Daniel R. Ryel, '73

Dr. Russell S., '73, & Lorraine Kitchner

Mrs. Barbara O'Shea, '73

Mrs. Renee S. Cole, '74

Dr. David R. Bristol, '75

Mrs. Alexis A. Cuff, '75

Mrs. Diane H. Dietrich, '75

Ms. Dorothy M. Terhune, '75

Mrs. Patricia A. Wallace, '76

Mary Kay & Don Szwejbka '76

Mrs. Deborah J. Rivet, '76

Dr. Marilyn C. Terranova-Miller, '77

Mrs. Estelle Crino, '77

Miss Susan L. Weber, '78

Mrs. Kathryn A. Rizzo, '78

Mrs. Grace Ann Mistretta, '78

Mrs. Karen L. Femia, '79

Miss Susan M. Zweig, '83

Mr. Richard E. Hess, '83

Mrs. Rose M. Ranger-Darby, '85

Mr. David P. Ritrovato, '86

Ms. Valerie S. Weiler, '86

Mrs. Tracey Marchionda, '89

Mrs. Barbara E. Faxlanger, '90

Mr. Edward A Janak, '92

Mrs. Kimberly Bishop, '95

Ms. Melissa Nowak, '97

Ms. Bethany D. Domanowski, '98

Mr. Jason W., '99, and Emily, '00, Luther

Mr. Thomas C. Priester, '01

Ms. Janelle Sandonato, '02

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