About the CCEC

Chautauqua County Education Coalition
c/o 126 Reed Library
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 716-673-3311

The Chautauqua County Education Coalition has focused on learning about the businesses, industry, manufacturing, local governments and agencies in the county.   We have met with area realtors, the Industrial Development Agency, Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, County Executive, and county human services agencies and organizations. 

We have learned that we all want Chautauqua County:

  • To grow economically,
  • To provide an excellent public education and
  • To enhance our quality of life.

We have developed action plans to address communications and share information.

In additional to our own learning, the Coalition has promoted awareness on topics related to education by writing articles for local papers and district newsletters, speaking at civic organizations’ meetings, and sponsoring events open to the public. 

The Coalition has been involved with issues related to public education such as Regionalism.  Stan Lundine, Chairman of the State Commission on Local Government Efficiency & Competitiveness, spoke with CCEC and listened to our members.   His message was to work towards efficiency by sharing, merging, and consolidating.  Our message to him was that we need to work toward effectiveness by building capacity for all students to learn and do it efficiently.

The Coalition is part of the new “school to work” initiative in the County called E-Net, Engage Now, Network for the Future.  The goals include providing career awareness, making business connections, and helping the county experience a “brain gain”.

The Coalition’s most important role is advocating for public education.  We ask government officials and particularly, the State legislators to:

  • Ensure the success of BOCES programs as one form of “regionalism”
  • Ensure equity between school districts by being a partner with local districts
  • Develop a funding formula that is predictable and understandable
  • Stand by long term commitments to school districts
  • Ensure the Standards and Assessments align with needed outcomes and skills
  • Streamline planning and reporting
  • Use data to enhance learning, not label schools
  • Use assessments that measure yearly growth as well as achievement                  

The Chautauqua County Education Coalition believes:

That appropriate training of educators will make schools ready for each child

The Chautauqua County Education Coalition is confident that by utilizing the skills we expect from our students – independent and team work, critical thinking, and creativity – we will be able to provide excellent public education in this county.

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