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Childhood Inclusive Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Overview and Description of the Program

The Childhood Inclusive Education program prepares teacher candidates to earn two teaching certificates (Childhood Education, grades 1-6 and Students with Disabilities, grades 1-6) after successfully completing additional coursework on assessing and teaching students with disabilities in general education settings.  As part of our teacher preparation program, teacher candidates complete a series of four field-based experiences in local schools. Each field experience is taught in conjunction with a required educational course to clearly connect educational theory and practice. Each of the field experiences is highly structured, well supervised, and intended to provide multiple opportunities for teacher candidates to plan, instruct, reflect, and respond with students in general education classroom settings.  One field experience and one student teaching placement are specifically designed to enable candidates to assess and teach students with special needs.

Teacher candidates receive two certifications, in general education and special education, leading to more job flexibility and the ability to better serve students with a wide range of abilities.

Admission and Program Requirements


Entering Fall 2014 and After:

Childhood Inclusive Education Program Advising Sheet

Entering Fall 2013-Spring 2014:

Childhood Inclusive Education Program Advising Sheet


Entering Fall 2012 and After:
Concentration Advising Sheet

Entering Spring 2012 and After:
Middle School Extension Concentration Sheet

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