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Field Experience

The Office of Field Experiences places over 500 student teachers each academic year. This includes Childhood, Early Childhood, Childhood Inclusive Education (childhood and special education), Music, Speech Pathology and Audiology, plus those students seeking Adolescence certification in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, French and Spanish. In addition, candidates participate in at least 100 pre-service clock hours of supervised Early Field Experiences. All monitoring of placements and placement requests is done in the Office of Field Experiences.


Office Members

Ann Marie Loughlin, Director
Debra Karpinske-Keyser, Assistant Director
Brenda Ludemann, Secretary
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Student Teaching Evaluation Form

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TESOL Practicum Evaluation Form



What are Early Field Experiences?

All candidates complete a series of three field-based experiences in a school with a Cooperating Teacher prior to Student Teaching. Each field-based experience is taught in conjunction with a required education course to better establish the link between theory and practice and students are paired so they can collaborate. Our Responsive Educator Program, prepares candidates to become reflective and responsive teachers. The Candidates spend a minimum of 4 hours per week for approximately eight weeks in a classroom working as instructional assistants. Each of the field experiences are highly structured and well supervised.


What is Student Teaching?

Student teaching is an exciting and rewarding time that will culminate in your entry into the teaching profession. This field experience will influence your professional development more than any other experience you have encountered so far in your career preparation. It will require a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication. Student teaching is the time when you make rapid gains in professional skills and competence. The student teacher is given an extended teaching experience to refine and apply the knowledge base, and to continue the process of self-reflection and self-correction. In essence, it serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the repertoire of skills needed to become a competent teacher. Learning how to work cooperatively in a school system, adjust to schedule changes, keep records, and convey a positive and willing attitude when working with students and co-workers are important elements of this field experience. Your assignments will provide you with the opportunity to build self-confidence, become intellectually challenged, learn the intricacies of teaching and re-define your role from student to professional.


In what areas can I get New York State Certification?

Teacher Education Programs at State University of New York at Fredonia


What is the aim of Student Teaching?

Student Teaching will provide the student teacher with experience in:

  • planning and implementing curriculum and instruction
  • managing the classroom learning environment
  • interacting with students using a variety of teaching methodologies
  • evaluating students' cognitive, affective, and psychomotor growth
  • developing a program of self-reflection for continuing professional growth
  • applying teaching and learning theories in practical situations
  • gaining a perception of the real world of teaching
  • becoming familiar with the NYS Learning Standards and their corresponding assessments
  • using Professional Standards during Student Teaching
  • using the INTASC Standards during Student Teaching
  • reflecting and responding to improve lessons


Where does student teaching occur?

There are five options for locations:

  1. Candidates who live in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Erie counties will be placed in two different schools. The Office of Field Experiences tries to assign one school within 30 miles and the other within 60 miles of their living situation.
  2. Childhood candidates also have the option of student teaching in our Fredonia-Hamburg program, which is a partnership program with the Hamburg School District. Students experience 3 student teaching assignments, with the first placement taking place along with Methods. This program is limited to 25 students, therefore, interested candidates should sign up in the Office of Field Experiences.
  3. Candidates may choose to student teach in New York City under the guidance of the State University Teacher Education Center (SUTEC).
  4. Candidates may choose the Elmira School District.
  5. Candidates may choose to do one placement in Australia.


What do I need to do to apply for student teaching?

The Office of Field Experiences sponsors an Application for Student Teaching meeting in early February along with a resume-writing workshop done by the Career Development Office.


What are the deadlines for student teaching applications?

Applications and resumes are due the first Monday in March.


How am I graded?

  • Student Teaching is a satisfactory, “S”, unsatisfactory, “U” graded course.
  • If a candidate is given an Intervention Form, Director of Field Experiences, appropriate Program Coordinator, college supervisor and student teacher will meet to discuss problems.


What are some of the education student activity options?

  • There are several clubs including the Teacher Education Club and Kappa Delta Pi (Educational Honor Society).
  • There are volunteer opportunities available in the Campus and Community Childcare Center, the Teacher Opportunity Core, and Reading First (Federally funded work-study tutoring program) and the Boys and Girls Club in Dunkirk.
  • The Office of Field Experiences sponsors Education Topic Seminars during the academic year, which is open to all candidates at any level.

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