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"Dr. Michael Jabot"Michael Jabot, Ph.D.
Office: Houghton Hall 21 Phone: (716)673-3639
Email: michael.jabot@fredonia.edu



Teaching Interests

My teaching interests are in science education and in particular how students make sense of the physical world around them.

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the development of learning progressions and the conceptual diagnostic assessments that allow for measuring the impact of instruction on student learning.


  • Ph.D. Syracuse University
  • MSEd. SUNY Cortland
  • BSEd. St. Bonaventure University

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Banko, W. & Jabot, M. (2010) Measurement. Kids Knowledge.
  • Maheady, L., Gradel, K., Magiera, K., & Jabot, M. (2006) Special education teaching strategies. Invited chapter,The Special Education Almanac.NY: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Price, M. et. Al (2005) Promoting Linkages: Partnerships Between Schools and Higher Education. Keeping Quality Teachers The Art of Retaining General and Special Education Teachers. WestEd. San Francisco, CA
  • Klein, A. (2005) A Shared Dialogue. In Raising Multicultural Awareness in Higher Education. University Press of America. MD. Contributor.
  • Dobey, Beichner & Jabot (2003) Essentials of Elementary Science, 3rd edition. Allyn and Bacon.
  • Jabot, M. (2003) Weaving Science Inquiry and Continuous Assessment: Using Formative Assessment to Improve Learning. Corwin Press. Contributor.
Articles (selected)
  • Maheady, L. & Jabot, M. (in review) Roles and Responsibilities of Pre-Service, General Education Candidates Enrolled in Inclusive Educational Settings. Teacher Education and Special Education.
  • McEvoy, A., Reed, A., Maheady, L., & Jabot, M. (in review) The Effects of Response Cards on the Academic Performance of Elementary and Secondary Students in Math and Global Studies Classes. Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools.
  • Ferneza, P., Jabot, M., & Maheady, L. (in review) The Effects of Group Contingent Mystery Motivator on the Academic Performance of a Non-Regents Science Class. Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools.
  • Lee, W. T. & Jabot, M. (2010) Incorporating Active Learning Techniques into a Genetics Class. Journal of College Science Teaching (in press).
  • Maheady, L., Jabot, M. & Rey, J. (2008) Using Teaching Learning Projects to Assess and Impact Candidate Practice and Pupil Learning. Excelsior (in press
  • Zawicki, J., Johnson, T., Dayton, R.,DuPre, M., Jabot, M., Falconer, K. (2006) Listening to Our Students: Data from the June 2006 NYS Regents Examinations. Perspectives on Science Education.
  • Maheady, L., Jabot, M., Rey, J., & Michielli-Pendl , J. An Early Field-Based Experience and Its Impact on Pre-service Candidates’ Teaching Practice and Their Pupils’ Outcomes. Teacher Education and Special Education.
  • Jabot, M. & Henry, D (2005) Elementary and Middle School Students’ Mental Models of Electric Current. Perspectives on Science Education.
  • Zawicki, J., Jabot, M., MacIsaac ,D., & Falconer,K. (2005) A Brief Analysis of the June 2004 Regents Physics Exam. Perspectives on Science Education.

Funded Grants (selected)

  • New York State Excelsior Scholars Programs for Grade Seven Mathematics and Science Students (07026). Fredonia  with Dr. Keary Howard ($73,785)Introduction to Engineering via Science, Math, and Related Technology (FITESMaRT) Excelsior Scholars program
  • NASA NSPIRES grant. Advancing Teacher Leaders in Space Science: Supporting Coherent Science Instruction Among Teachers Nationwide, Using the New NASA/GEMS Space Science Sequence and Other NASA/SMD Content and Resources with Jaquline Barber (PI) University of California at Berkley. ($473,000)
  • National Science Foundation DRL Program (NSF - 0353474) Improving Achievement by Maintaining the Learning Potential of Rich Mathematics Problems: An Experimental Study of a Video- and Internet-Based Professional Development Program (ViSTA). with Drs. Roth, Givvin & Santagata ( $ 2,253,000)
  • Housing and Urban Development Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC), HUD, with Drs. Falk, Givner, Deakin, Krohn and Chilberg. ($399,868 )
  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Program. National Science Foundation (NSF 04-34103) Robert Noyce Scholarship Program with Drs. Straight, Lawson and Pickreign. ($495,480 )
  • New York State Education Department Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant - Young Inquiring Scientists Want To Know Project with Dr. Kathleen Gradel ($3,598,571).
  • National Science Foundation Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion (STEP) initiative (NSF-04-529) with Drs. Zawicki, Singer, Sanders, and Sanger (Buffalo State). ($1,000,000 - funded)
  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Program. National Science Foundation (NSF 04-34103) NSF-Noyce WNY Partnership for New Science and Math Scholars with Drs. Zawicki, MacIsaac, Henry, Wilson, and McMillen (Buffalo State). ($469,200 - funded)
  • Collaboration for IHE/School Quality Partnership Project (Collab-IsQ) Project. US Department of Education, Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants Program (CFDA 84.336.B/ 84.336D). with Dr. Kathleen Gradel; in collaboration with Ms. Janeil Rey. ($998,000 - funded)
  • New York State Education Department Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership (TLQP) Program, "Teacher/Leader Partnerships with High Needs Districts" with Drs. Maheady, Gradel & Magiera and Ms. Janeil Rey. ($15,000 - funded)
  • New York State Higher Education Support Center for Systems Change, Faculty Fellowships, "The Effects of a Computer Performance System (CPS) versus a Traditional Questioning Strategy on Diverse Groups of Sixth Graders' Active Participation and Science Test Performance in Inclusive Settings" with Drs. Maheady, Gradel & Magiera. ($15,000 - funded)
  • National Science Foundation Rural PTRA grant through the American Association of Physics Teachers to support the development of rural physics teachers. ($250,000 - funded)

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