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New York State Teacher Certification

Upon completing any of our teacher education programs, students will be eligible and recommended for New York State Teacher Certification. As the certification process can be confusing and complicated, below are some links that will assist in the process.


By going to TEACH Online Services, students will be able to apply and pay for their certification online.
Are you interested in a certification that SUNY Fredonia doesn't offer? Search the New York State certification requirements to find out how to get it.

Students should use this link if they are interested in learning about appropriate Master's programs for their area of initial certification.
The New York State Education Department provides up to date news and information in regards to everything education.
The Office of Teaching Initiatives provides students, teachers, and administrators the information they need about teacher certification.
To become a teacher in New York State, certification exams must be completed. Go to the NYSTCE website for additional information on the exams that they offer. 

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