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Project RAISE-UP

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Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) 
U.S. Department of Education 
325T Grant – Special Education Preservice Program Improvement Grant 
Project RAISE – UP 
(Redesigning and Improving Special Education - Undergraduate Program) 
Dr. Kathleen Magiera, Dr. Rhea Simmons, & Dr. Christine Givner 
Co-Principal Investigators 
This federally funded grant will redesign a merged special education and general education undergraduate teacher preparation program addressing the needs of students with high-incidence disabilities (learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and mild mental retardation). 

SUNY Fredonia Press Release - June 22, 2009


1. Revise general education teacher preparation curriculum by embedding special education content and knowledge supported by evidence-based practices into course syllabi throughout the curriculum 

2. Enhance the collaboration skills of our program graduates to work with parents of students with disabilities and other educational professionals 


Activities will include: 

1. Professional development for special and general education faculty 

2. Extension of inclusive field experiences, especially in rural school districts 

3. Refinement of on-and-off campus mentoring for teacher candidates 


Project Director: Dr. Kathleen Magiera 

Grant Planning Group: Dr. Kathleen Magiera, Dr. Rhea Simmons, Dr. Christine Givner, Dr. Larry Maheady, Dr. Barbara Mallette, and Dr. Laura Geraci (outside evaluator is Dr. Spencer Salend, SUNY New Paltz) 

Funding Effective: July 1, 2009 (five-year grant)


Program Improvement Planning Guide


Syllabi Review Process:

Rural School District Partnerships:

Brocton -- Chautauqua Lake -- Dunkirk -- Falconer -- Fredonia -- Hamburg -- Pine Valley 
Randolph -- Silver Creek -- Westfield

Grant Institutes:

Winter 2010  --  Summer 2010  --  Summer 2011  --  Winter 2012  --  Summer 2012
Summer 2013

Leadership Advisory Team


Published Journal Article


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