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Advanced Teacher Preparation Programs:

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School Building Leadership

Department of Language, Learning, and Leadership


The members of the School Building Leadership program, as part of the Language, Learning and Leadership Department, welcome those experienced, certified and recommended teachers who wish to accept the responsibilities of building and district leadership. The challenges of today's educational needs, accountabilities, responsibilities and rewards are the most daunting elements of change in our society. The blending of the arts and sciences of teaching is the success model for those who can nurture the life long love of learning and care of children.

All, who meet the entrance requirements, are welcome. All who work hard to achieve both individual and institutional goals may stay and all who can sustain the challenge of responsibility, accountability and the demands of quality education for each child may graduate.

The SBL program encourages teaching and learning in formal and informal settings on and off campus, as well as through field experiences in component districts as an institution of higher education, recognized by the State of New York Education Department, delivering a comprehensive service developing the many aspects of leadership. It is the responsibility of the SUNY-Fredonia, the program student- cohort, the instructors and the individual candidates to achieve the potential providing administrative, supervisory and leadership personnel to the many school districts of the State of New York and to achieve individual personal success in quality life opportunities in life long learning.

Within the last 5 years, there have been more than a dozen appointments to state school districts in administrative/leadership positions and an equal number of teacher/leadership positions. Our candidates, either individually or within a cohort, have been successfully represented throughout the region. The prospect for success is great.

The School Building Leader (SBL) program is in the process of expanding the foundations of course selections so as to be able to provide an opportunity for candidates to work toward a School District Leadership (SDL) position.

The demand for quality persons to fill the increasing demand for building leaders and district leaders is at an all time high. The number of retiring superintendents and principals is going to demand several hundred administrative/leader candidates. Our program will help supply outstanding candidates for these positions. The prospect is bright.

Overview, Description and Purpose of Program

The Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership is available to candidates who already possess teaching certification, a master's degree in education or a related field, and three years of satisfactory teaching or professional experience in a Pre-K-12 setting. The program leads to a recommendation to the New York State Education Department for initial certification as a School Building Leader (SBL). The program consists of 30 semester hours of graduate-level courses including a 600-clock hour internship, an internship comprehensive oral portfolio and a yet to be written state examination. This certificate allows the candidate to assume such roles as principal, assistant principal, supervisor, department chairperson, or program coordinator.

The Advanced Certificate leading to the SBL is the key to entering administrative positions in our component school districts throughout the state. Teachers and other education professionals who are ready to assume positions of leadership find this program enhancing not only to achieve administrative or supervisory positions, but to also improve their teaching skills. The program is also the beginning step to obtain the SDL ( School District Leader) positions allowing the candidate to be a superintendent, assistant superintendent, district personal director and other positions with district responsibilities.

Admission and Program Requirements
Requirements for admission to the program without deficiencies are:

  • New York State Education Department teaching certification or equivalent
  • Master's degree in education or related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Three years satisfactory teaching or professional experience in a Pre-K-12 school or its equivalent
  • Two written recommendations, one from the candidate's school superintendent and one from the immediate supervisor
  • Approval of the SBL Program Coordinator, LLL Department Chair, and the Dean of the College of Education
  • Evidence of GRE scores
  • Completion of DASA training

Applicants may be conditionally accepted pending completion of the GRE and DASA.

Program Advisement Form: School Building Leadership

Please note additional program requirements. For general admission requirements, please see the Application Procedures.

Program Requirements Hours
A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate-level courses, including a 600-clock hour internship:
EDU 614 Principles of School Administration and Leadership 3
EDU 615 School Building Leader 3
EDU 616 Supervision I: Theory and Practice 3
EDU 617 Supervision II: Supervision to Improve Instruction 3
EDU 618 Internship I: Educational Leadership 3
EDU 619 Internship II: Educational Leadership 3
EDU 620 Public School Finance 3
EDU 624 Contemporary Problems in School Leadership 3
EDU 626 Public School Law 3
EDU 630 Creating Safe and Productive Schools 3
Internship Portfolio providing evidence of the candidate's impact on students in a Pre-K-12 setting. 0
Comprehensive oral or written examination that covers the professional component of the student's program, as determined by the advisor. 0


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