Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

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All students in Education will complete at least one Teacher Work Sample or an equivalent to a TWS during their program of study as a requisite for graduation.

Undergraduate Programs

In the Curriculum and Instruction (C & I) undergraduate classes, the Teacher Work Sample Methodology is used in field-based courses such as EDU 105 and EDU 305, and during the year where students are student teaching, they take a seminar course: EDU 416 where Teacher Work Sample Methodology is professionalized.

A student would have submitted a separate TWS hard copy for each of the three courses: EDU 105, EDU 305 and EDU 416, during their program of study.

Graduate Programs

In the C & I graduate level classes, the TWS is completed through the courses: EDU 514 and EDU 530. Students are required to complete two of the seven components of the TWS in EDU 514 and the rest in EDU 530.

In the TESOL program, the TWS should be completed in EDU 671.

In Literacy programs, the TWS equivalent is a lesson plan/case study report. Students are required to submit three versions of their lesson plan/case study report for each of the two courses: EDU 583 and EDU 613.

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