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About International Learning (COIL)

Fredonia's International Faculty & Staff Highlights

Visiting International Faculty & Staff

PDF list of Fredonia Fulbright faculty from 1981 to present

What is COIL?

The COIL’s role is to coordinate campus efforts to further internationalize the academic curriculum. This includes working with a variety of faculty, academic programs and departments, and campus administrators to encourage ways to increase faculty and student learning about global issues. Efforts include developing additional faculty opportunities to learn about global issues in their fields through direct and indirect international experiences, developing more international course work in individual programs as well as the CCC, and increasing opportunities for the use of short and long-term study abroad programs in the curriculum to encourage more students to take advantage of these opportunities. The COIL works closely with other faculty and staff involved in international efforts on campus especially the Director of the Office of International Education and the Coordinator of the International Studies major.

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