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2014-15 Theme: "The Joy of Discovery"
Fredonia Convocation

Bill Nye_HomeConvocation 2014-2015:
The Joy of Discovery

Keynote: Bill Nye

"The Science Guy"
Thursday, Sept. 18
Steele Hall Fieldhouse

The Convocation Committee is pleased to welcome Bill Nye as this year’s keynote speaker. He is best known for his popular TV show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” for which he won seven Emmy awards for writing, performing, and producing. He is the host of three currently TV series, “The 100 Greatest Discoveries,” airing on the Science Channel; “Eyes of the Nye,” airing on PBS; and his most current project, “Stuff Happens,” which airs on Planet Green and focuses on environmentally responsible choices that consumers can make. For the last few years he has served as the Vice President of the Planetary Society and is currently serving as Executive Director of the society, which is considered to be the world’s largest space-interest group.

A short video featuring Bill Nye speaking on the topic of the joy of discovery can be found at:

Funding for the convocation speaker is being provided by the Maytum Lecture Endowment and Williams Visiting Professorship Endowment through the Fredonia College Foundation.

Members of the Convocation Committee are: Mike Barone, Mira Berkley, Tracy Collingwood, Jack Croxton, Dawn Eckenrode (Chair), Lauren Orlowski (student), Karolyn Stonefelt, Denise Szalkowski, Rolanda Ward, and Patrick Rocheleau.

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