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SUNY Fredonia Convocation

Request for Proposals
Convocation Year 2006-2007

Theme: "Origins of the Future"

Our world is constantly changing and it is important to reflect on how past and current events impact the future of humankind.  What can we learn from past decisions as we try to address the various challenges that face us? What are the external forces that must be taken into consideration as we consider policies that will have far reaching implications in the years to come?  As the world becomes smaller and we become more interdependent, we must try to be proactive in formulating strategies to address the issues that have the potential to affect our lives in profound ways.  We invite you to explore the consequences of past actions and to offer predictions of future global conditions based on the current world situation and trends as you see them. A total of $5000 is available to fund appropriate activities.  Interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

Academic departments, student groups, campus organizations, and individuals are encouraged to submit a proposal to sponsor events that explore the theme from multiple perspectives. In the past, awards have ranged from $500 to $2000 per event.  Events may include lectures, performances, shows, classroom events, demonstrations, web pages, or almost anything else.  The committee cannot fund projects being completed for academic credit.  Events may be scheduled for any day, evening, or weekend when classes are in session.

Proposals might focus on:
  • Evolving international relations (colonization, multinational corporations, changing demographics, etc.)
  • Health threats (pandemics, famine, diabetes, AIDS, etc.)
  • The impact of technology
  • Variables that have the potential to produce a major impact on our physical and social environments (population growth, climate change, environmental destruction, etc.)
  • Scientific discovery and its relationship to changing conceptions of ethics and morality
  • The role of art, music, and literature in shaping our vision of the future
The proposal should contain:
  • A description of the event.
  • How the event fits into the theme, “Origins of the Future.”
  • When, where, and under what circumstances the event will take place. We would like to spread the events out over the entire academic year. While dates are not necessary, you should check on the availability of your proposed venue.
  • Who the intended audience is – the entire campus, a particular department or group of departments, an interdisciplinary group, a particular class, students in their junior year, faculty, etc.
  • How you plan to publicize the event (The Convocation Committee is only responsible for coordinating the keynote event and publicizing the series as a whole).
  • Who is sponsoring the event. This should include the name(s) of the primary contact(s) and also the department or organization under whose auspices the event will take place.
  • A budget.
Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Congruence with the convocation theme
  • Ability to generate attendance and dialogue
  • Quality of the event
  • Thoroughness of the proposal and reasonableness of the budget
The entire proposal, from title through budget, must be no longer than 3 single sided pages.  The deadline for receipt of proposals is April 5, 2006. Award notifications will be sent out the week of April 17. Representatives of each funded project will be required to attend a meeting for coordination purposes on April 27 at 8:00 a.m. in the President’s Conference Room.  Please submit 9 paper copies of the proposal to the Convocation Committee c/o Jack Croxton, Chair of the Psychology Department, W357 Thompson Hall.

Questions regarding this request for proposals may be sent to Jack Croxton (Phone: 673-3129, e-mail:

Members of the Convocation Committee are: Linda Brigance, Lauren Carlson, Jack Croxton, Marianne Eimer, Kathleen Gradel, Karry Kazial, Abigail Losh, Karolyn Stonefelt, and Jefferson Westwood. The Convocation Committee’s website is


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