Outreach Services

In addition to providing services to students who come to the SUNY Fredonia Counseling Center for help, the SFCC also reaches out to the campus community through its educational programs. Our Positive Education outreach programs are based on the theory and research of Positive Psychology, which has been shown to increase enjoyment and engagement in school; academic achievement; and social skills such as empathy, cooperation, assertiveness, and self-control.   Positive Education incorporates teaching the traditional skills of achievement, such as time management and study skills, with the skills of well-being and resilience, such as mindfulness and stress management.

Faculty - Don't Cancel That Class!

There's no need to cancel your class if you have a conference, business trip, or other obligation. The SUNY Fredonia Counseling Center (SFCC), by way of the Don't Cancel That Class (DCTC) program, can cover your class by presenting one of our Positive Education Workshops.

DCTC Positive Education Workshop:

This presentation will illustrate a few of the many ways a person can use a short amount of time to improve his or physical, mental or emotional wellness. The program will include brief activities such as chair yoga, mindfulness meditation, stress-reducing play, and cognitive restructuring to reduce anxiety and improve mental well-being. Counselors hope to promote personal well-being so that students feel healthy, confident and energized and able to achieve their academic and personal goals. In addition, students will have an opportunity to be introduced to Counseling Center services and staff. 

Positive Education Workshop for Freshman Seminars:

This program will include the above listed components and provide first year students an overview of Counseling Center services including the benefits of counseling, procedures for making an appointment, and confidentiality.

Campus Connect - A Suicide Prevention Training:

This 60 to 180 minute training teaches participants the warning signs for suicide and how to identify, understand, and relate to the emotional experiences of individuals in crisis. A primary objective of this training is assist students in developing the communication and listening skills necessary to develop positive and supportive helping relationships with individuals in crisis.

Students, faculty, and staff encouraged to make a request for a workshop.To schedule a workshop, Click Here. To ensure the success of your program, please be sure to give us as much advance notice as possible (minimum 2 weeks).  Questions, please contact julie.bezek@fredonia.edu

Preparing your class for a DCTC presentation: 

  • Please let us know if you would like attendance taken.
  • We ask that you inform the class of the presentation in advance.  In our experience it helps us if they expect our appearance.  

The Counseling Center staff is able to share their knowledge and skills by providing consultation and education to students, student organizations, staff, and faculty.  All SFCC workshops are open to the campus community, free of charge. 

SFCC outreach workshops focus on helping students explore their personal process of identity development and its impact on their college experience. The goal of these workshops is to help students identify their strengths and to provide exercises that promote overall well-being.



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