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Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention
Counseling Center
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: 673-3424

Below is listing of resources (on and off campus) for survivors of interpersonal violence.

Emotional support, Advocacy, and Counseling

Medical Attention

Reporting Options

Additional Resources



CEASE, Counseling Center, LoGrasso Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3424
Campus, Education, Awareness, Support, and Effect (CEASE) is the violence prevention program at SUNY Fredonia. The program is coordinated through the Counseling Center and works to end sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking on campus. The CEASE program coordinates campus policies and procedures regarding violence, collaborates with community agencies that provide services to victims of violence, provides campus education and training on violence, and serves as an advocate for survivors of violence.

The Anew Center, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Helpline
The Anew Center (The Salvation Army - Jamestown, NY) provides a local rape crisis/domestic violence helpline (1-800-252-8748) that provides victim advocates. The hotline is available 24 hours a day. Victim advocates are individuals specially trained in crisis intervention, advocacy, and referrals for victims of sexual assault. They can provide a wide variety of services - from someone to talk to, emotional support, accompanying the survivor to the hospital, police department, or any legal proceeding. Advocates do not tell survivors what to do, instead they offer options that are available to survivors. All services are free and confidential. We high encourage survivors to contact an advocate; coping with the aftermath of sexual assault can be a very difficult and confusing process.

Counseling Center, LoGrasso Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3424
The Counseling Center can provide mental health services for victims of sexual assault. Their services are free and confidential. They are located in LoGrasso Hall and are open M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.



Brooks Memorial Hospital, 529 Central Ave., Dunkirk, NY (716) 366-1111
Brooks Memorial Hospital can provide medial treatment to survivors of sexual assault. They can offer treatment for injuries, STD testing and treatment, the morning after pill, and basic evidence collection. Advocates from The Anew Center can be contacted to provide advocacy services.

Health Center, LoGrasso Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3131
The SUNY Fredonia Health Center staff is specially trained to identify and respond to the medical needs of sexual assault survivors. The Health Center can provide treatment for injuries, referrals, and the morning after pill.

Chautauqua County Health Department, 319 Central Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
(716) 363-3660
The Chautauqua County Health Department Health Services division can provide free and confidential STD/HIV - evaluation, laboratory testing, treatment, and health counseling. The can also provide the morning after pill.



Office of Judicial Affairs (Student Conduct), 611 Maytum Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3271
The interest of Judicial Affairs is to ensure mutual respect among the student population and to adjudicate cases and educate students who are charged with violations of the Students Rights and Responsibilities (Code of Conduct). Students may file complaints of sexual assault or other acts of misconduct through by scheduling a meeting with the Coordinator of Judicial Affairs at (716) 673-3271.

University Police, Gregory Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3333
SUNY Fredonia University Police are specially trained to identify and respond to the special needs of sexual assault survivors. Victims who want to file a police report can contact the University Police (assaults that occurred on-campus). A student can file both a police report and a university complaint. If a survivor does not wish to file a police report or a university complaint a proxy report can be filed. A proxy report is an anonymous report to the University Police. The report is used to gather data on sexual assault to create a more effective response to victims. The proxy report is available at

Fredonia Village Police, Temple Street, Fredonia, New York
(716) 679-1531
The Fredonia Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life by protecting lives and property, enforcing the laws of the State of NY and the United States Constitution, securing offenders, and responding to the needs of the people.



Residence Life, Gregory Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3341
The residence halls are staffed by full-time, professional hall directors who supervise a student staff of resident assistants trained to help students with resources and referrals. Staff members receive training on how to supportively assist victims of sexual assault and will help connect students with vital support services.

Student Affairs, 610 Maytum Hall, SUNY Fredonia
(716) 673-3271
Student Affairs oversees all areas of the student's experience with special emphasis on educational and social experiences outside the classroom. Student Affairs can assist survivors of sexual assault with changing class schedules or on-campus housing arrangements.

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