Sample Degree Map for Mus.B. Music Education, Instrumental

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Instrumental Concentration has always been Fredonia’s primary degree program. One facet of the program sets Fredonia apart from many similar schools - Music Education majors receive a 1-hour private studio lesson in their primary performance medium for 6 or 7 semesters, plus weekly master classes with the other members of their studio, all culminating in the required performance of a Graduation Recital. Private instruction is available, pending studio space, in secondary instruments. Music Education majors receive 4 semesters of instruction in conducting; instruction in the performance and pedagogy of woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion; and instruction in music education foundations and methods from music education specialist faculty. Students are involved in hands-on teaching each year, culminating in semester-long student teaching. Music Education graduates are fully qualified to enter the workforce and pursue satisfying careers as music teachers.

Sample Four-Year Degree Plan