Sample Degree Map for B.S. Sound Recording Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology is based upon the belief that the audio engineer must be a musician with a broad range of scientific and engineering skills. SRT at Fredonia is a highly selective program that selects applicants on the basis of high academic and musical achievement. The program itself begins in the sophomore year. Graduates have a working knowledge of industry hardware; training and experience in monaural, stereo, and multitrack recording, as well as in live sound for different media; and experience in operations, maintenance, and management. Training is provided in analog and digital recording and editing, sound reinforcement, automation, and signal processing. Juniors assist senior production projects, and seniors produce the equivalent of half an album. Facilities include 8- and 24-track studios and ancillary work rooms. SRT students provide recording services for the School of Music, the community, and the region.

Sample Four-Year Degree Plan