Name Program Fredonia Major Fred. Grad. Transferred Inst.
Specialization Current status

Tonneson, Tracey (3-2) Mathematics 5/1/1988
U.B. Industrial Eng. McCabe & Associates; formerly an industrial engineer with the Clairol Co.

(Morgan) Cum Laude (4/02)

Tracy, Bruce (2-2) RIT Electrical Eng. Electrical engineer with the Boeing Military Aircraft Co.

Tripp, Brian (3-2) Physics 5/1/1995
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Application engr., Axis Technologies; formerly product engineer at General

Railway Signal. (4/02)

Troidl, Alan (3-2) Mathematics 12/1/1984
U.B. Electrical Eng. Ret. Elec. Engr. IBM Corp. Rec'd M.S. in computer engineering from Syracuse

U 1991. (4/02); High School Math Teacher (1/04)

Trunzo, Paul (3-2) Physics 5/1/1995
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Engrg. Mgr., Jensen Fittings Corp. (4/02)

Turner, Hugh (3-2) Mathematics 5/1/1981
U.B. Electrical Eng. Senior sales engineer with the Brady Supply Co. (4/02)

Tuyn, Richard (3-2) Physics 5/1/1984
U.B. Electrical Eng. Sr. Devel Engr. with the Eastman Kodak Co. (4/02)

Ungerman, David (2-2) Cornell Mechanical Eng. Unknown.

Valavanis, Stephen (3-2) Mathematics 5/1/1986
U.B. Electrical Eng. Electrical engineer with the Griffiss AFB. Formerly with Orbeco Analytical

Systems Co.

Valentine, Mark (3-2) Physics 5/1/1997
RIT Civil Eng Tech. Sr. Engr., MRB Group (5/02)

Valvo, Frederick (3-2) Physics 5/1/1981
U.B. Electrical Eng. Electrical engr. w/NYS Thruway Authority; formerly with the Schlumberger

Co. and Fairchild Co. (4/02)

Valvo, Lawrence (3-2) Physics 5/1/1992
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Entered graduate program at U.B. in mechanical-industrial engineering with

Summa Cum Laude assistantship '92. (4/02)

Van DeWalle,Marshall (3-2) Chemistry 12/1/1986
Ohio State Chemical Eng. Devel. engineer with the Eastman Kodak Co. (4/02)

Summa Cum Laude

VanCott, Laura R. (3-2) Physics 5/1/2007
Alfred-Ceramics Ceramic Eng. Glass Development Materials Scientist at Verallia (Saint-Gobain Contaniers).

(Adkins) Rcvd. Ph.D. in materials Sci. from Alfred University

Vande Velde, Robert (3-2) Physics 5/1/1992
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Regional Sales Mgr., Peerless Winsmith; formerly an applications engineer at

HSC. (4/02)

Vere, Matthew (3-2) Physics 5/1/1983
U.B. Industrial Eng. Acct. Exec., Eastman Kodak; formerly an industrial engineer with the

Cum Laude Eastman Kodak Co. (4/02)

Vernille, James (3-2) Chemistry 12/1/1998
U.B. Chemical Eng. Enrolled in Ph.D. Program in Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. (5/02)

Cum Laude Magna Cum Laude

Verrigni, Michael (3-2) Psychology 5/1/1987
U.B. Industrial Eng. Supervisor, UPS; formerly an industrial engineer with UPS. (4/02)

Vitale, Jeffrey (2-2) Purdue Aerospace Eng. Entered graduate program in aerospace engineering at Purdue with

assistantship (1/88).

Vithiananthan, (2-2) Massachusetts Institute of Mechanical Eng. Received M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from M.I.T. (1989).


Wagner, Alice (3-2) Biology 5/1/1986
Cornell Plant Breeding Cooperative Agriculture student.

Wagner, Jeffrey (3-2) Physics 5/1/1985
U.B. Mechanical Eng. Mfg. Engr. Excelo Developments; formerly a technical specialist at a printing

company. (4/02)

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